Klock 'Fired Up' After Syracuse Visit

Trey Klock entered the Syracuse radar late in the game as he was set to make his decision at the end of May. However, things may have changed after a trip to see the Syracuse campus in person. He details the trip, the impact on his recruitment, and a new time frame for a final decision inside.

Lower Dauphin (PA) tight end Trey Klock has jumped onto the Syracuse recruiting radar in recent weeks, and it was a bit of a surprise to the talented prospect. Things moved quickly, and he took a visit on Thursday to take in the Orange campus for the first time.

"We got there about 9:30 (in the morning)," Klock described. "We met with the coaching staff there. They gave us the itinerary for the day, so that was pretty cool. We had a lot of stuff planned to do while we were there. I met the coaching staff to start off. I got a tour of campus. That was the main thing. We got to walk around and see, I'm going to major in business so we got to see the school of management and everything. I got to sit in on a class and that was really impressive. We went back and I met with Coach Hicks and saw the weight room. We talked with him about the strength program and everything.

"We got to eat too. We went to The Varsity for lunch. I met the coaching staff there so that was pretty awesome. It was something that I've never done before at another school. To be able to actually go out and eat a meal with the staff. We saw the Dome at the end. That was pretty cool. It was something that we've always talked about so that was cool to see the Carrier Dome. To walk in there was awesome. Then to finish up it was position meeting again and it was Coach (George) McDonald again. Then I talked to Coach (Scott) Shafer for over an hour.

"Just about everything," Klock continued. "About the possibility of coming to Syracuse but also about the others schools that I'm looking at. We started talking about everything about high school like prom and stuff. He was such a cool guy to be able to sit down and have a conversation with. It was my first time meeting Coach Shafer and most of the coaches there. They were really great guys and gave me a really nice tour. I'm definitely fired up about it."

The visit to Syracuse had a big impact on Klock. Not only in reference to his impression of the Orange, but also to the recruiting process as a whole. The 6-foot-4 tight end prospect is looking to slow things down in order to make sure he finds the best fit.

"When I got the call the other day about Syracuse, it was unexpected," Klock admitted. "I honestly hadn't talked to them in a while. I guess with the coaching change there, I hadn't been in contact with them. Today, it really opened my eyes. It honestly made me appreciate this whole recruiting process. I'm going to slow things down. Originally, I was going to commit in late May because coaches were pressuring me.

"When he (Scott Shafer) said they were only going to take one or two tight ends, but he didn't want me to feel pressured at all, he said this should be a good thing. He could tell just sitting in his office that I was stressed out from some of the things going on. It definitely, overall, made me feel better about the whole recruiting process. But specifically with Syracuse. This was great and this was unexpected.

"We were constantly on the go and looking at something new," Klock added. "It was my first time on campus and I loved it. To walk through and see the locker room and talk about everything that goes on with the day-to-day stuff was just great. I didn't expect my visit to go this well."

Originally, Klock was scheduled to make his final decision at the end of May. Boston College and Rutgers were the two schools in play. But the recent trip to Syracuse, as well as other schools continuing their interest, has made him rethink that timeframe.

"I think at this point, when I talked with coaches, I just need to slow this whole thing down," Klock explained. "The whole time I'm thinking, ‘yeah this is great.' At no point did I think I was ready to commit and this was the place for me. I had a great feeling the whole day and it was all positives. But I wasn't ready to commit. And honestly I didn't feel that at any of the other schools.

"Everything's been great. I just really need to get to know the program better and meet with the coaching staffs of every program again before I'm ready to commit. I don't want this to drag into the fall or anything and into this next year. But I don't want to have to just get this out of the way as soon as possible."

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