Cabinda 'Ecstatic' About Latest Offer

Syracuse loves taking running backs and turning them into linebackers. The combination of speed and footwork gives them an strong athlete at the position. Their latest target for that transition is Hunterdon Central (NJ) athlete Jason Cabinda. He discusses the Orange offer inside.

Hunterdon Central (NJ) athlete Jason Cabinda's recruitment is starting to pick up steam. He added a Syracuse offer on Thursday, and it was one he had been looking for.

"Yeah it was a pretty good day, man," Cabinda said. "Pretty good day. It started out that I was just getting ready for Syracuse to visit, and I had always been interested in Syracuse because of basketball. I've gone to a couple football games. I saw them last year play USC, so that was pretty cool. Then Coach (Pat) Perles came to visit me. He's the recruiter for my area. He said they loved me on film and defensively he said they were very close to offering. He just had to sit me down and make sure I was a high character guy, which he was glad I was.

"A week and a half or two weeks later we get the call from the linebacker coach (Clark Lea). He's telling me they want to offer me a full scholarship. I was ecstatic. I was so excited. It's a great day. I talked to the defensive coordinator (Chuck Bullough) too. He said they love me as a linebacker and love the way I play. I'm very tenacious and very aggressive. I'm the kind of linebacker they said they wanted. They sat down and watched like 75 to 100 linebackers, and I'm one of the guys that they chose. That was great to hear."

The offer from the Orange was not his first. It was not even his first major conference offer. But to Cabinda, Syracuse stands out a bit among the offers he's received to this point.

"Overall, they're my ninth offer," Cabinda claimed. "But BCS, they're my number two offer. My first BCS offer came from UConn. I also have Colgate, Lehigh, Lafayette, Monmouth, Holy Cross, Fordham, and Bryant University."

With Syracuse added to his list, Cabinda is focused on trying to visit the school. That could go a long way in where the Orange stand, and he's looking to take that visit sometime before the summer is out.

"He said he would like me to over the summer," Cabinda recalled. "Most likely I plan on attending the camp, one of the camp dates that's in Syracuse. There's a couple that I think are in Brooklyn and there's one at Lincoln High School. But ultimately I'd like to get to one at the university. If not I definitely plan on visiting sometime."

Still early as far as receiving interest and offers, Cabinda is not close to pulling the trigger on a commitment. Still, Syracuse remains of high interest going forward.

"It was excitement to get the offer," Cabinda explained. "But I don't plan on making a decision just yet. I plan on keeping my options open. I want to make sure I have every opportunity I can possibly have within my view so I can sort through them to see what the best fit is for me. I'm not going to be jumping to any conclusions just yet.

"I'm more excited about Syracuse. They're pretty high up there for me. Maybe I'll decide by the end of summer or maybe I'll let it go into the fall, take some officials and see how things look. I'll have to see how things go."

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