Phillips Grabs 'Dream' Offer

2014 West Haven (CT) Ervin Phillips added his first offer recently when Syracuse pulled the trigger. He discusses his reaction to the offer, other schools showing interest, important factors in his selection, and a timeframe for his decision inside.

When West Haven (CT) running back Ervin Phillips tweeted that Syracuse extended an offer, many were surprised. He was a new name to many in the recruiting world. Still, the Orange saw his film and liked what they saw.

"Yeah they offered," Phillips said. "They actually called on Friday. Actually, Coach (Chuck) Bullough came to our school, which is West Haven High, about two weeks ago. He just discussed basically that Syracuse thinks I could play for them. They liked my highlight tape. They wanted me to come down to the one-day camp. The one that they're having in Brooklyn. I have an opportunity to play for them. He said he likes my skills. So he said he wants me to come down there to the camp and show the offensive coordinator what I can do.

"So, Friday they called me. I didn't think they were going to offer me, I just thought they were going to talk to me about the camp. Coach Bullough called and said he wanted me to talk to the offensive coordinator which is Coach (George) McDonald. He got me on the phone and said he saw my highlight tape and they offered me.

"I was surprised and excited," he continued. "Surprised because I thought they'd want me to go to camp first and see me in person before they actually offered me. But they said they were offering me a full ride to Syracuse University. I was just excited."

Receiving that first offer can be a landmark moment for many recruits. That was no exception for Phillips, who said having Syracuse as his first offer was even more special.

"It's really the best feeling in the world," Phillips admitted. "Especially coming from a school like Syracuse which is a big university and I know a lot about them. It's actually always been my dream to go to Syracuse. For that to be my first offer, I'm very excited and humbled.

"I feel like maybe it will open up some more doors for me. But for this to be my first one, it's definitely a good feeling. I felt good about myself after getting this first offer."

While any visit was focused mainly on the Brooklyn camp, Phillips says a visit to Syracuse is on his priority list. That visit could happen over the summer.

"We didn't get into a visit to the campus too much," Phillips recalled. "We just talked about me going to the camp first. I think the next step would be me getting on campus and checking things out. Definitely I would want to get up to Syracuse.

"I actually want to see The Dome too. I've heard a lot about The Dome and seen pictures of it. I definitely want to get to Syracuse for a visit."

Phillips says his primary position is running back, but Syracuse isn't sure if that's where they want him to play. He says he is open to whatever gets him on the field the fastest.

"They don't know where they want me to play right now," Phillips claimed. "They asked me where do I want to be recruited at. I said my first position would be running back, but I'll definitely be willing to change my position if they wanted me to. Whether it's defense or changing my position on offense. I'm really open to anything, but running back is the first position where I want to be recruited."

With only offer to his name at the current time, Phillips says he is a ways away from a decision. However, he knows what factors will be important to whichever school he chooses.

"I'm still going to go to the camp in June," Phillips explained. "I think there's a lot of time between now and when I should make my final decision. I still have to talk to my family, my mom, my dad, and my brother. There's a lot of time before I make a decision.

"I think before I make a decision, I want to know where I am on the school's board and how many guys are at the position they want to put me at. Also, as far as the amount of playing time I'd get if I came to the program. How long would it take before I get on the field. Those are definitely some things I want to think about before I make any decision on where I want to go."

While Syracuse is his only offer, Phillips says other schools are showing interest. They include Connecticut, Boston College, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Maryland, Temple, Villanova, and Maine.

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