Syracuse in Tough Battle for Baker

4-star offensive tackle Kendall Baker is no stranger to major offers. He recently added Syracuse to his impressive list. He discusses his interest in the Orange, favorites, timeframe for a decision, and more inside.

The new Syracuse staff has not shied away from major talent with big time offers. That trend continued when they offered four star Marist School (GA) offensive tackle Kendall Baker.

"They came up to the school and we were a week away from our spring game," Baker recalled. "They came and were just talking to me and whatnot. They told me all that Syracuse had to offer. Then, right there on the spot before I went to get my equipment, they offered me.

"They said they have a beautiful campus and they would like to get me on campus to see what they have up there. They were hoping that they can actually get me on campus one of these days."

Despite a long list of elite offers, Baker says he appreciates the Syracuse offer. A visit is also a possibility which would allow him to get to know the Orange program on a different level.

"I'm thankful for all of the offers that I get," Baker said. "All the schools that offer me, I'm thankful for them. I thank them for believing in me and whatnot. And yes I do want to get up there and check things out."

Baker has a lot of schools to choose from, but he has a few favorites for now. He maintains he's still wide open, but knows exactly what he's looking for in a potential landing spot.

"Right now I would say Georgia, Auburn, Tennessee's probably coming at me a lot more, Vanderbilt is coming at me, Clemson and Florida State," Baker claimed. "Distance from home (will be) a little (bit of a factor). But if I just fall in love with a school and I really want to go there, then that's where I'll go.

"Most important is if my family is liking it a lot. If I feel like I can be there for four years without any problems. If I can some early. And if I would go to the school even if I wasn't playing football. Education is important. Hopefully I can major in sports management. I'm taking that right now and I want to talk to my counselor a little more about that as the year goes on. I know I want to be around sports when I get older."

A major factor for the 6-foot-6 tackle will be his family. They have to love a school just as much as he does.

"I bring my family everywhere I go," Baker admitted. "They know who I am because they're around me mostly every single day. They know what's best for me better than I know what's best for me. They'll know if I fit in and if I like somewhere sometimes even before I do."

Baker added that he would like to decide before the summer, but is willing to let his recruitment go into his senior season if isn't comfortable with a decision.

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