Syracuse in Early on 2016 CB

Isaiah Brown is still very early in the recruiting process as he finished up his freshman year of high school. That hasn't stopped a local school, Syracuse, from taking notice of his talents. He discusses interest from the Orange, and more, inside.

Isaiah Brown will be one of the most coveted prospects in New York in 2016. At recent Beyond Athletics camps, he stood out as a prospect to keep an eye on with his combination of speed, athleticism, and cover skills. Syracuse has taken notice early and are getting in early on the talented Gates-Chili (NY) cornerback.

"It was the other day (Monday)," Brown said. "He (Chuck Bullough) was basically talking about how he wants me to come to the camps over the summer so they could further evaluate me and my talents. They were looking forward to seeing me early in the summer.

"He didn't go into detail about an offer. It was just a brief conversation (with my coach) about the camps and he gave a couple brochures. I am interested in going to a camp and I'll try to make my way there."

Syracuse was the first school to visit Brown, who figures to see his recruitment pick up significantly in the coming years. That attention this early meant a lot and let him know that his hard work is paying off.

"That was the first school to come by and actually visit in person," Brown claimed. "It means a lot to me and it gives me a lot of motivation about the work I'm putting in and how I'm being noticed.

"It's paid off and I look forward to continuing it to see what else I can do."

While the interest in Brown from the Orange is there, he is reciprocating that interest back to Syracuse.

"I'm very interested in Syracuse," Brown admitted. "It's a good program and I know some of their players with Chauncey (Scissum) and Ashton (Broyld). They seem like a good school. I'm definitely interested. I'm going to look further into it and see if I could play there one day."

While only receiving interest from one school so far, the 5-foot-9 rising freshman knows what he's looking for in a potential landing spot.

"Definitely a great environment," Brown explained. "Somewhere I can learn and also play football. Just the support of the coaches, things like that. And the overall scheme of the defense and to see if I fit well there."

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