Center 'Loves' Syracuse After Visit

The recruitment of Connor Center has been one of the most interesting in recent years. From a baseball prospect who didn't play high school football to a prospect generating buzz, Center visited the Syracuse campus on Wednesday. He discusses the visit, its impact, and when a decision should be expected with inside.

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The recruitment of Albany (NY) tight end/offensive tackle Connor Center has been quick since it is so late in the process for a 2013 prospect. He took a visit to Syracuse on Wednesday to see if the Orange was the right fit for him.

"I got there around 12 o'clock," Center detailed. "I had a bunch of family members come with me. I got a tour of the whole facilities. I took a look at the gear and the helmets. Got a walkthrough of the locker room and the dining hall. Just all of the football facilities. We went over for lunch after checking out the field house (Manley). It was with all the coaches, I had lunch with them. It was great because I got some one on one time with Coach (Scott) Shafer and Coach (George) McDonald. A couple of the coaching staff drove us over there. Got to hang out with them. We went to the Varsity place. That was cool.

"After that, we headed over to the Carrier Dome. I got a chance to walk on the field and what's now the basketball court they have set up. I also got to meet one of the professors who's worked with Bob Costas and all those guys. That was cool. He was real interesting. He's been there, done that. Literally he was one of the most interesting people I've ever met. He's a communications professor there. After that just got to go through the whole campus and everything. Got an idea of what it's like there.

"Then I sat down with each of the coaches and watched a recruiting video," he continued. "Sat down with Coach Shafer, Coach McDonald, and Coach (Pat) Perles. They just told me I have to come to a decision and to call them tomorrow. Just give me some time to think. It was an absolutely awesome place. It couldn't have been any better. They treated me great. I can't tell you how well they treated me. Everything I needed and everything I wanted possibly. From my picture on a pamphlet when I walked in. It was insane."

Just because Center left without committing doesn't mean Syracuse fans should think they are out of it for the 6-foot-8 prospect. He says he loved his visit and is very interested in the Orange.

"I love Syracuse without a doubt," Center explained. "I'm thinking about it right now whether I want to commit. It's such a big decision and I'm so late in the process, it's a lot harder to make. I'm just trying to make the best decision because this is a huge commitment with five years of my life. I have to make sure I make the right decision. It's not so much that I didn't commit right there that means I don't like Syracuse. No, I love Syracuse. It's incredible. It's just hard to make the decision off the bat.

"But best experience wise, one on one time with the coaches was great. I got to meet them and see how they are as human beings. Coach Shafer, Coach Perles, and Coach McDonald are all great. They're great people with great backgrounds. I couldn't ask to be around better people. That was definitely the best part."

Syracuse fans won't have to wait long to see if the prospect that did not play high school football will be playing college football for the Orange.

"For them, they said I have to make a decision by tomorrow," Center admitted. "That's definitely a possibility that I could commit. I'm just going to see how I feel tomorrow morning. I'll have a conversation with Coach Shafer. He was real nice about it and explained the situation. It's just going to be up to how I feel in the morning.

"If I feel good about what could be at Syracuse, then I know it's the right decision. If not, then I'll call Coach Shafer and tell him how I feel. But I'm confident that I will make the right decision in the morning."

If Center does commit, the plan is to attend summer school and start working out. That would happen in late June or early July.

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