Felder 'Blown Away' by Cuse Offer

Syracuse's camps in New York City produced two new offerees over the weekend. One of those was 2015 Elkton (MD) Eastern Christian Academy defensive end Malachi Felder. He discusses the offer, his relationship with Isaiah Johnson, and more inside.

2015 Elkton (MD) Eastern Christian Academy defensive end Malachi Felder came to Syracuse camp on Saturday unsure of what to expect. He went through all of the drills and finished thinking he did not perform up to par.

"Overall, I feel that I could've done better," Felder claimed. "One on ones I think I did pretty well. In the drills, I think I could've had more improvement in the footwork drills. That's something I've been working on and will get better over time.

"I'm not sure what my 40-time was. I never got the paper back. They were keeping track of everything on some paper. I never asked them what my time. I honestly think it was hopefully no lower than a 4.6. That's what I was shooting for."

Despite thinking his performance was not his best, he did enough to impress Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer.

"After the camp, me and Coach Shafer and my coach, we spoke," Felder recalled. "He said that he wanted me to join the Orange. I wasn't even expecting to get an offer. It just blew my mind. I thought he was going to say something like he wanted me to come to a camp.

"I wasn't really expecting him to give me an offer. I definitely want to take a visit up there."

While Felder doesn't know a lot about the Orange yet, he does know a few things. He knows about defensive line coach Tim Daoust who could be a key factor in his recruitment down the road.

"Right now, that's my first and only offer," Felder explained. "As of right now they're number one. I don't know too much about the program. I do know they have a running back Jerome Smith. They have an incoming freshman Isaiah Johnson. I've heard they have a good defensive lineman coach. That's great for me."

In order to help him learn more about Syracuse, Felder plans on reaching out to his former high school teammate Isaiah Johnson. The two could hang out when Felder visits the Orange campus.

"We don't speak all that often," Felder said. "But whether it's in school or on the phone or whatever, we have a good relationship. We talked a lot last year before he left. He knows me and I know him. We're bros. He'd do anything for me and I'd do anything for him.

"He's my boy and I always look out for my teammates. I consider him family and he considers me family. I was going to call him before I go up there to learn more about the program. To learn more about Syracuse and all that."

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