Siciliano Impresses at 'Cuse Camp

Anthony Siciliano has been high on Syracuse for some time. He took the trip up to Syracuse for their camp in hopes of an offer. While he did not achieve that goal, he did have a very impressive performance. He discusses that, interest in the Orange, status of an offer and feedback from the coaches inside.

Anthony Siciliano was the top offensive performer at Syracuse's camp on Friday. He took the long trip north from Winter Springs (FL) to attend, and said it was worth the experience.

"The camp was great," Siciliano claimed. "I loved it. The coaching staff was great. All the coaches are great people as well. The instruction was really good, especially from Coach Lester and Coach (George) McDonald. I learned a lot from them."

The talented quarterback was able to show off his arm at the camp. He had solid footwork, a strong arm, and accuracy down the field. Despite his strong showing, Siciliano still believes there plenty of room for improvement.

"I would say I give myself a B," Siciliano admitted. "I give myself that grade because there were some throws that I overthrew or was off a little bit, and I wish I could have them back. I ran a 4.7 40.

"I thought I threw pretty good. Coach Lester and Coach McDonald were impressed with how I threw."

Tim Lester was seen giving instruction to Siciliano throughout the camp. In fact, the Sunshine State product was the quarterback Lester seemed to spend the most time with. That feedback will help Siciliano going forward.

"They said I did a hell of a job and threw the lights out of the ball," Siciliano recalled. "And they said I'm very high on their list. But they just want to see how things go. Coach Lester told me he loved me and Coach McDonald liked me a lot too.

"Coach Lester wants me to just work on keeping my front shoulder open so I can see what kind of pressure is coming from not only my front side but from my blind side as well."

Siciliano said he spent about an hour speaking with Coach Lester one on one privately after camp. He said he wants to keep that conversation private, but believes the offer could be close. Should Syracuse offer Siciliano, he would commit on the spot.

"I believe it's right there," Siciliano said. "I'm really close to getting it. It's a matter of time. They said I'm high on their list. It's just a matter of time. I just love the way the coaches showed interest in me first.

"I felt a connection with them. Especially being there yesterday, it just made things even better. I told Coach Lester this is where I want to be. This is my number one school."

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