Brown Recaps 'Cuse Camp

Isaiah Brown may be a class of 2016 prospect, but that hasn't stopped him from gaining interest. He attended a camp at Syracuse recently to try to impress the Orange coaches in person. He discusses his performance, feedback from the coaches, and more inside.

Isaiah Brown is one of the top prospects out of Rochester (NY) for the 2016 class. Chuck Bullough visited his school during the evaluation period to show that Syracuse was interested. He attended their camp on Friday to try to impress the staff even more.

"I think I did really good," Brown said. "I was able to get to the site early and felt like I did really good. They gave me a 4.9 for the 40 and a 9.7 for the broad jump. I feel like I can do better on the 40. I'll be looking at that in the near future. The broad jump is improved, but I feel like I can make that better. So I want to work on that as well.

"I was able to get a lot of reps in and I feel like the camp size was perfect. Everybody there was able to get their work in. We got to do what we needed to do to show ourselves to the coaches. I really did like the camp and I felt like I was at home."

All the work Brown was able to get in was beneficial. He was able to get some feedback from the Orange assistants that could help him take his game to the next level.

"The defensive backs coach (Fred Reed) I worked with most of the day," Brown explained. "I talked to the defensive coordinator also, Coach Bullough. He was just saying he was really impressed with me. He thought that I did really good. He and the defensive backs coach gave me some pointers on things I can do to get better. But overall he thought I did good.

"Things like working on my balance a bit. Working on my balance and getting out of my stance quicker. Shave some time off of my 40 and help me cover people better. It really helped."

The 40-time is of concern, but he plays faster than that during drills. He believes speed isn't an issue, it's just a matter of having his time reflect his game speed.

"I feel like I play faster than my time," Brown admitted. "With my 40-time, I just have to work on my form and my start. Stuff like that and just working on that drill. I feel like in the game I can hold my own and compete with any wide receiver well.

"I feel like at game time, I'm at a different speed. But I do have to work on my testing times with the 40s."

Brown added that the Syracuse coaches said he will stay on their radar and they will be watching him closely this season.

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