Moskal's Impact on 2014 Class

2014 Lake Zurich (IL) MLB Colton Moskal's commitment to Syracuse on Saturday means several things for the Orange going forward. breaks down his impact on the 2014 class inside.

Lake Zurich (IL) MLB Colton Moskal announced his commitment to Syracuse on Saturday. His commitment was a big one for the Orange, because of position. The staff was only looking to take one middle linebacker for the 2014 class, and Moskal was at the top of their board.

The Orange were putting most of their eggs into the Moskal basket at middle linebacker. Had he picked a different school, Syracuse could have been in trouble. Detric Dukes and Robet Spillane were committed elsewhere. Nyles Morgan, Kevin Mouhon, and Tyler Burke did not seem to reciprocate Syracuse's interest.

Ty Tomlin was an interesting prospect. He's from Georgia which Syracuse has been hitting hard in 2014. However, he recently named a leader in North Carolina. He also has a top five which does not include the Orange. It seems neither side stayed in contact much after the offer.

That was mainly due to Syracuse's strong interest in Moskal. From the beginning, he was their top target at middle linebacker. With him in the fold, the Orange staff does not have to scramble to find a prospect at that position. Most likely, that would mean hitting up the JUCO ranks or a less talented recruit.

No matter though. Syracuse worked on Moskal hard since extending the offer, and that perseverance paid off. Now they can focus on their other top targets including Chad Mavety, K.J. Williams, Parris Bennett, Ervin Phillips, Qadree Ollison, Ish Witter, and others.

Moskal expressed after his commitment that he will be joining Syracuse's twitter Army of A.J. Long and Zaire Franklin to help the Orange build on their 2014 class. He plans on getting in touch with Syracuse targets to help sway them towards his future school.

The impact the three commits can have is not quantifiable. However, it could be the deciding factor for those prospects sitting on the fence. Jason Cabinda comes to mind as one the three should be targeting as his visit approaches. Zaire Franklin will be speaking to all three visitors this weekend to try to sway their decision.

Expect Moskal to work on some recruits in the same way. Specifically those in the Midwest. Targets such as Matt Domer, Nile Sykes, Brendan Brosnan, Aaron Roberts, Chris Slayton, Lamar Dawson and Micquell Cotton could be prospects that Moskal could help recruit for the Orange.

Having Moskal on board helps the Orange. Both in terms of being able to add the player they wanted at a position of need, and for the future of the class.

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