Crochet Takes in Syracuse

Despite hosting camps over the weekend, Syracuse was able to get a visit in as well. Atlanta (GA) St. Pius Catholic discusses the trip with inside.

While Syracuse was busy with camps over the weekend, they took the time to host a prospect as well. Atlanta (GA) St. Pius Catholic Linebacker Daniel Crochet visited the Orange campus for the first time.

"I first toured the Whitman School of Business and met with the recruiter there about it," Crochet recalled. "I was very impressed. Then I checked out the Dome and the dorms. Then I saw their weight room, locker room, and dining area. I was very impressed with everything. I watched a little of the camp going on there. I talked to former player Siriki Diabate, who was very convincing. Then I talked to Coach Shafer, Coach Lea, and Coach Bullough.

"I really liked what I saw. But that was during the summer so you have to factor in extremely cold weather and ten feet of snow. I really liked the trip and liked talking to one of the former players (Diabate). He got me real excited about it. Then I saw the facilities which were nice. I could definitely see myself going there."

Crochet was able to meet head coach Scott Shafer and defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough for the first time. He enjoyed the conversations he had with both.

"I talked to Coach Shafer first," Crochet explained. "I talked to him for a long time, probably an hour and a half. He was really nice and I had never talked to him before that point. I liked what he stands for as far as coaching and stuff. He's really intense and defensive minded, which as a player you like. He just talked about his background. He didn't go too much into me or football.

"Coach Bullough I also met for the first time. He went over a lot of what they do defensively. A lot of it was new but some of it I recognized. Just going over the x's and o's and the scheme."

Crochet then moved on to a conversation with linebackers coach Clark Lea. The two discusses where he stood on Syracuse's list.

"Then I talked to Coach Lea," Crochet said. "We talked primarily about where I stand as far as them recruiting me and where they seem playing which is middle linebacker. He also told me they have a couple other guys committed at linebacker. One kid was the other day I think so that's fairly new.

"There are a few possibilities and right now it's a numbers game. Maybe I could do something with grey shirting. Another option would be to come up and try out at different positions. Right now, it's unclear. But there are a lot of different possibilities."

Crochet added the idea of switching positions or grey shirting is not something he had considered before. He's going to talk things over with his family, consider all options, and go from there.

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