Turning the Corner

Behind the scenes of Syracuse recruiting lies Eric White, who was hired as Director of Recruiting for Syracuse football. While not in the limelight, he is vital to the Orange recruiting efforts. CuseNation.com breaks down his impact inside.

Eric White was a relative unknown when word got out that he was hired by Scott Shafer to be the Director of Recruiting for Syracuse football. But the impact White has had on recruitment has been noticeable.

Make no mistake about it. Eric White is a big reason why Syracuse was able to land the four members of their 2014 class, with more on the way. Quietly behind the scenes, White is utilizing his skills to help Syracuse put forth a strong recruiting effort.

The new Syracuse staff is significantly younger than their predecessors. The change has allowed Syracuse to better relate to the prospects they actively recruit, with White leading the charge.

"Eric's a great dude," Syracuse commit Zaire Franklin said. "He really makes recruits feel really comfortable about joining Cuse and the Cuse family. He's horrible at Madden though!"

Fellow Syracuse commit Colton Moskal echoed similar sentiments.

"He's got a true passion for Syracuse football," Moskal explained. "He's a younger guy so he's able to connect with the recruits, which is cool."

That relatability is one of the reasons why White is spearheading the new Syracuse recruiting movement. Social media has become a huge recruiting tool. White, along with offensive coordinator George McDonald, are very active on Twitter and Facebook. That allows them to connect with recruits in a new way.

"Social media now is huge," White outline. "All these kids love it when fans will reach out to them on Twitter or Facebook or something like that. That makes their day. So you get to see how they react to fans."

The increased emphasis on social media in recruiting has helped the Orange in 2014. That effort has been spearheaded by Eric White. Its impact cannot be understated. Led by A.J. Long, Syracuse has put together a "Twitter Army" to help commits recruit other Orange targets.

Long says there is no one better at what he does than Eric White.

"Eric is the man," Long said. "There is nobody better at what he does in all of college football. He understands what it takes to get kids to our school. You can't get anyone better than Eric White. The man is a beast."

White's recruiting prowess is understated and underrated. He constantly monitors social media, uses his connections to discover prospects, and keeps that line of communication open between recruits and Syracuse. His youthful enthusiasm and keen eye for talent has helped him prospect despite being on the job for less than six months.

"Eric impacted my recruitment because he was the first person to notice my talent," 2013 Syracuse commit Michael Lasker admitted. "He told Coach McDonald about me and that started the process of me going to Syracuse."

As Syracuse continues to go after top tier high school talent, and coaches continue to get credit, do not forget about White's impact. During visits, White gives tours of the facilities to both the player and their family. His ability to develop relationships has been key in Syracuse landing 17 commitments since the new staff has taken over.

His hard work is not simply something that happens from 9-5 during the week. It includes, nights weekends, 16 hours or more days, etc. But part of what makes Eric White so great at what he does is his love for that type of dedication.

"It's never ending," White admitted. "It's seven days a week for twelve months. You always want to find out as much information as you can about a kid. There's always game coming out and kids always go to camp. So athletically, you can always evaluate them up until signing day basically. And then, you can never know enough about the kid. You always want to know more about them."

So as Syracuse looks to build one of the best classes they've had in recent memories, remember the name Eric White. His work behind the scenes is one of the biggest reasons the Orange are starting to turn the corner in recruiting.

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