Cooper's Postponement Has Ripple Effect

With the main focus on who will be the next quarterback, news of Corey Cooper not being available for the Fall makes who that quarterback will throw to an even more heightened focus as well. More inside.

Hearing the news from Syracuse Orange signee Corey Cooper that he "won't be attending this Fall, will be attending in the Spring" makes an area of open competition for the Orange even wider.

After Spring camp, the only wide receiver to really stand out was Jarrod West. West proved that he can receive the ball in different areas on the field and under different circumstances.

Arguably his best play and the best overall offensive play of the Syracuse Spring game occurred when he beat his defender, turned to receive a pass down the sideline from quarterback Terrel Hunt, spun back around, and stayed inbounds while outrunning his defender into the end zone for a score.

Behind West at the 'X' position, or receiver farthest from the offensive line, is Jeremiah Kobena on the post-Spring depth chart. Kobena's speed is his top talent, but what is left to be seen is if he can handle hits from catching passes across the middle, and how many.

Adrian Flemming, if he can stay healthy, is the best option for the Orange next to West because of his hands. When you need a possession receiver to get that new set of downs, be it with an open look or a reception in coverage, Flemming can help lighten the blow of losing Alec Lemon.

From there, the field is wide open, with Christopher Clark, Ben Lewis, and Alvin Cornelius showing sparks but nothing substantial as of yet.

Former Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib flourished with having anywhere from seven to nine players capable of catching the ball when needed.

Whoever is leading the offense this coming season will be aided by depth in their first year at the helm, and the loss of Corey Cooper makes the pool a little more shallow.

As a direct result, incoming freshmen Corey Winfield, Brisly Estime, and Sean Avant will have more pressure to perform right away. The positive for each of them is that no matter who will be throwing to them, it will be his first year as a starter, meaning most of the relationships he has built are still relatively new.

Another positive for the freshmen is that everyone is learning a new offensive system together after the Orange staff was retooled on the heels of Doug Marrone's departure which included most of the personnel.

Quinta Funderburk's quietness at Spring camp also provides for an opportunity that many did not see as being available this close to the upcoming season.

Amidst all that remains under West, Flemming, and Kobena, Fall, which was already of utmost importance, rises to an even higher level with one lost before the season even began.

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