An Update on James Southerland

With the NBA Draft just a few steps away, we offer an inside look at what teams have Southerland on their radar and more inside.

James Southerland was an integral part of the success of the Syracuse Orange this past season.

Making 12 of 15 three-point attempts between two games is difficult to overlook because without Southerland's efforts, attaining a place in the Big East Conference Tournament would simply be a thought and not reality.

While Southerland enjoyed his best offensive season of his collegiate career, he also did better in creating for his teammates and improved on his defending.

A source close to Southerland stated that, "James is doing well. Very confident. Feeling good about himself."

When asked why Southerland is feeling good about where he is at right now, the source stated that the Syracuse alum "had some good workouts".

Southerland has continued his progress on the defensive end, "defending well", according to the source, in his NBA workouts.

The source provided that Southerland has worked out or will work out for the NBA's San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee Bucks, Portland Trail Blazers, and Washington Wizards.

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