Cabinda Recaps 'Cuse Visit

Flemington (NJ) Hunterdon Central outside linebacker Jason Cabinda is closing in on a July 1st decision. He took the first of his final three visits on Friday when he took in the Syracuse campus. He discusses the impact the trip had on his recruitment inside.

Syracuse hosted Flemington (NJ) Hunterdon Central OLB Jason Cabinda on Friday for his first on campus visit. He was able to check out just about everything Syracuse had to offer.

"I had a great a visit," Cabinda described. "I got to see all the facilities and the weight room. I got to see the equipment room and locker room. Then we went over to the academic building, the Whitman School of Management. I had a meeting with the advisor. I believe her name was Carol. Then we went over to the football academic place. I got to talk to the head advisor there. That meeting went really well. My mom liked it a lot and she had a lot of fun.

"We got to take the campus tour and we ate at Varsity, which was cool. It was really good. We had some nice barbecue chicken pizza. I got to hang out with Eric White and Siriki (Diabate), one of their former players. Coach Bullough, Coach Lea who's my recruiting coach the linebackers coach. I had a great talk with Coach Shafer. It was about an hour long conversation about how it's a great fit for me. Telling me stories and background information on him and the school. I had a really good visit."

Cabinda spent time with a former Syracuse linebacker that is still around the campus. Siriki Diabate was able to give him insight into what life is like as an Orange football player.

"Siriki told me a lot about Syracuse," Cabinda admitted. He was telling me that at Syracuse you're going to get coached harder than by any other coaches. The techniques that they show you are top notch. Being at Syracuse, you have to try in order to fail because of all of the resources you have with tutors and all of these things you can access.

"So in order to fail, you have to make an effort not to do well. So that was a really great thing. We got to see some of the off campus housing. That was really cool. The apartments that we saw were top notch. They were amazing."

One of the most important things in many recruitments is the impression of the parents. Cabinda says his mom had a very positive visit.

"My mom really liked Coach Shafer a lot," Cabinda explained. "She liked what was said. Obviously for her, the academic part is the most important. When we got to the school and the academics in the Whitman building, she had a great time. By the time the advisor was done, there weren't really any questions she had to ask because she was confident in me having an education at Syracuse."

Cabinda says the visit went about as well as he could have hoped.

"My mind set is that I absolutely loved the visit," Cabinda declared. "It was one of the best visits I've had so far in this whole recruiting process. It's just a matter of really just sitting down and reflecting on the visit, reflecting on the school. Then comparing Syracuse to the other visits that I have. In my opinion, Syracuse is in a great spot right now.

"They feel very comfortable with the coaching staff and the school itself. Hopefully it's not the last trip I take up there. But in my opinion, they're in a good spot right now."

Cabinda has become good friends with Syracuse commit Zaire Franklin. Franklin was on campus as well trying to convince Cabinda to commit during the visit.

"He was pushing me hard," Cabinda said. "Zaire has become one of my good buds now. He's just a really great kid. He's someone I definitely like hanging out with. I feel very comfortable around him. He's telling me how great it is there, and it was. Telling me that me, him and Colton could be that big three. We could have a huge impact and turn this thing into some sort of legacy. That would be really cool."

Two more visits are left for the Hunterdon Central standout. He will visit Boston College and Maryland before announcing his final decision.

"I'm really starting to realize that all of these places have great facilities," Cabinda outlined. "All that great stuff. Football wise, they're all in a great position. So I think right now, I'm really going to focus on the academic side of things. That's what's most important. Football will always end at one point. I just want to look at how I think the program fits and how I would do in it.

"That will be a big impact. But also how I feel around the coaches. The relationship I have with them. I like the kind of coach that's more family oriented. I don't really like the coaches where it's more of a business relationship or a business transaction rather than a family thing. That's one of the things I'm going to be looking for."

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