Orange On Top for Phillips After Visit

Syracuse hosted West Haven (CT) running back Ervin Phillips on Sunday, and the visit put the Orange on the top of his list. He recaps the trip, discusses future visit plans, and outlines a decision time frame inside.

West Haven (CT) running back Ervin Phillips took his first visit to Syracuse on Sunday. He was able to get a lot done in a short period of time.

"First they showed us around the facilities," Phillips recalled. "Then I met with the head coach, Coach Shafer. He sat down with me, my parents, and my brother, and we just talked. We talked about ourselves, the school, and way they want to do with me. From there they took us on a tour of the campus. We checked out where the players live and the freshmen live. They took us to visit the academic coordinator.

"From there they took us on a tour of the Carrier Dome. We checked out the Dome for a bit. After the Carrier Dome, I met with Coach (George) McDonald and the running backs coach (DeAndre Smith). We watched some film so I could see some of the things they do with the running backs. That was pretty much it. I loved the visit."

Checking out the Carrier Dome was a surprisingly memorable experience for the 5-foot-11 running back.

"My favorite part was seeing the Carrier Dome," Phillips claimed. "I had never seen it in person. I had only seen pictures and it looks a lot bigger than it did in the pictures. That was probably my favorite part."

Another part of the trip that stood out was Phillips' meeting with head coach Scott Shafer. It helped the two continue to develop their relationship.

"Coach Shafer, he just let us know who he was," Phillips explained. "He showed us his personality and that made us feel comfortable. Me and my parents. I told him about myself and we just were able to feel more comfortable around him. It was great being able to get to know him better."

Phillips was already very interested in the Orange, but the visit put made Syracuse the favorite as he eyes a decision within the coming months. He isn't done visiting schools, however.

"This was only my first visit to any school," Phillips said. "I really thought Syracuse was a great school. They're at the top of my list after the visit. They made a really big impression on me. But I still think I need time to figure out what's best for me. Talk to me parents and see what they think of everything.

"My decision is coming up soon. I want to make my decision before my senior season, so maybe in August. I plan on taking a few other visits to Temple, Old Dominion, Rutgers and hopefully I get to see Pittsburgh."

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