Campbell Stays on Syracuse Radar

Graydon Campbell took the trip from Ontario, Canada to Syracuse hoping to grab an offer. While that didn't happen, he did receive valuable feedback from the Orange staff. He discusses that, transferring to the United States for his junior year, and more inside.

Graydon Campbell is a bit under the radar being a Canadian prospect. He took the drive into the United States recently to attend a camp at Syracuse hoping to grab an offer.

"It was a good camp," Campbell recalled. "I really enjoyed it. Coming out here, it was a little smaller than I expected. But it's all good. There was still good competition. It did get physical. I enjoyed that.

"I almost lost a rep there but that was because I felt the guy's weight going so I wanted to bury him on that one. I still kept him out, I just wanted to put him to the ground."

Campbell received a lot of feedback from offensive line coach Pat Perles. The two could be seen working on technique frequently throughout the camp. Campbell was able to receive some positive feedback during that time.

"They really liked my aggression, my footwork, and my athleticism," Campbell claimed. "They liked me as a center. All my reps were at center. My snaps were good and my feet were good. The only one thing they told me was to put on a bit more size.

"They want me to get a little more muscular. I'm just a peg under what you'd expect from an o-lineman size wise."

An offer didn't come for the Canadian offensive lineman. However, he thinks if he bulks up it will come down the road. It is still early for the 2015 prospect.

"They really like me," Campbell admitted. "I think it's a matter of size and once size comes. They're going to keep an interest in me. Keep watching me and checking out my size so when my size comes that'll be the point where an offer comes."

The Orange are the first major program to show interest in Campbell. That's something that sticks out about the school.

"I really like Syracuse," Campbell said. "I like any school right now as a Canadian. Any school that's looking at me. But with Syracuse, they're division one school to show interest in me.

"I have some division two, but they're the first division one. They're close to home too so that's a big thing. I really like Syracuse."

Exposure shouldn't be a problem going forward as Campbell enters his junior. He is transferring to a high school in the United States which will provide him an excellent opportunity to see his recruitment pick up.

"I'm transferring to Episcopal High School in Virginia," Campbell explained. "That's going to be an interesting move there. It's going to be the first time away from home. First time I'm actually playing real football, real American football.

"It's going to be a fun experience. I definitely know I'm going to get a lot out of it. Get that much better, that much stronger, and that much bigger. Hopefully everything falls into place after that."

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