Quick Hitter: B.J. White on the Radar

B.J. White is still hunting for his first offer. He took a step closer to that goal when he camped at Syracuse not too long ago. He received valuable feedback from the Orange coaches and will look to improve his game this fall. White discusses where he stands with Syracuse and more inside.

Rochester (NY) Eastridge defensive tackle B.J. White attended a camp at Syracuse recently. He was able to go through some of the drills in an attempt to impress the Orange coaches.

"I worked with mainly the defensive line coach (Tim Daoust)," White recalled. "We did cone drills, agility drills, we did the 40, the long jump, high jump, and we also did one on ones. I ran a 5.2 or 5.3 40-time."

During White's time working with Coach Daoust and other assistant coaches, he was able to get valuable feedback on what he can work on to take his game to the next level.

"I need to work on my agility on the cones, specifically," White admitted. "They said I took too long changing my direction. Normally I'm pretty good with that, but that day wasn't my best day.

"They told me to work on that. Also my speed rush. I'm working on that too to help me get better."

Syracuse remains interested in White. They will continue to monitor him throughout the upcoming season. If the offer is extended, it would be an important moment for White on multiple levels.

"They didn't really talk about any offers," White claimed. "But they said they're very interested in me and they'll be in contact with me a lot. It would mean the world to me to get that offer. I just started playing football like two years ago.

"To be able to get that so fast, it would mean the world to me because it would let me continue to do what I love to do. Not just have a chance at the NFL, but I want to be a chemical engineer.

"So to have my college paid for would be a blessing so that my mom wouldn't have to," White continued. "If Syracuse offered I would commit immediately."

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