Hill Discusses First Offer

While Syracuse is focused on the 2014 class, that doesn't mean that future classes are off the radar. The Orange were the first to offer 2017 quarterback Kasim Hill. He discusses the offer, its impact, and more inside.

Syracuse had dozens of prospects on campus in June for their summer camps. One of the more talented players that impressed the Orange staff was 2017 quarterback Kasim Hill out of Baltimore (MD). 

"He was telling me that I was doing a good job," Hill recalled. "I can fix a few minor things in my stance but overall he was saying that I was doing a good job and he likes how I throw."

Hill participated in many drills during the Syracuse camp. He showed solid footwork and athleticism, as well as being fluid when changing direction. The soon to be high school freshman ran a 4.8 in the 40. That is a strong time for a freshman.

"I thought I did well overall," Hill admitted. "My scores on some of the drill were good. There's still some minor things like in my stance to help me get better. But overall I worked hard and thought I did well."

Throughout the camp, Hill was focused on performing, not picking up an offer. 

"It wasn't even on my mind when I was doing the drills and stuff," Hill explained. "My dad thought it might come because I was talking to the head coach, Coach Shafer, so much. I wasn't really focused on that. I was just focused on working hard and competing."

After the  camp was over, Hill's father was summoned and the two met Coach Shafer at midfield inside Manley Field House. That was when the 2017 prospect picked up his first offer.

"He was saying that I looked really good during the camp and that I have a lot of upside even though I'm still young," Hill said. "He said I have a lot of great things ahead of me. Then he said they were going to extend an offer to me.

"I was really excited and had a big smile on my face. I just wanted to go talk to my mom, really. She said 'wow' and was just really happy. She kept smiling too."

The offer was Hill's first. That's not surprising considering he hasn't played a down of high school football. However, if he continues to progress more big time offers could be in his future. Hill says Syracuse will stand out because they were the first.

"I'll never forget my first offer," Hill declared. "I don't really know ho the process will be going. I'm just going to focus on high school football and try to be the best I can be for my teammates."

Hill added that he believes he will have a chance to start right away as a freshman quarterback.

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