Hallmon Cuts List to Five

Deion Hallmon continues to push his recruitment forward as he trimmed his list to five schools on Friday. He breaks down why each school made the list inside.

Cypress Bay (FL) defensive back Deion Hallmon has created a twitter war among fan bases as they all try to make an impression on the talented prospect. He released his top five on Friday (in no order) of Florida State, Rutgers, Syracuse, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Hallmon discussed why each school made his list with FOX Sports NEXT.

Florida State: "Florida State was a school I chose because it's close to home. My mom and family would be able to come watch me play. I like the school academic wise. I looked at their roster and they've lost some DB's so I would have the chance to play early.

"I like the coaching staff. I feel like I could go there and I already have a good relationship with Coach (Jeremy) Pruitt. I think he can help bring my game to the next level. If I were to choose FSU I would never regret it."

Rutgers: "I really like Rutgers a lot because I pretty much have a great relationship with everybody on the coaching staff. Coach (Kyle) Flood, Coach (Norries) Wilson, Coach (Dave) Cohen, all the coaches. We have a great relationship.

"It's the same thing as with Wisconsin. They're going to be losing a lot and I would be able to come up and play early. They have a great community, a great school. Everything about Rutgers is a great school to me. It's a great campus and the fans up there are crazy. I really could see myself up there."

Syracuse: "With Syracuse, I love Orange Nation. The fact that all of the fans have, pretty much, seen my film and they all love me. They really want me to come up there. Then with the coaches, Coach (George) McDonald, he was recruiting me too when he was the University of Miami. We have a great relationship. Then with the head coach (Scott Shafer), the head coach coaches the DBs as well, me and him have a really great relationship.

"I really like Syracuse a lot because of the academics. I really like the academics a lot. Plus, the football team, they were pretty good last year and they beat up on West Virginia really bad. I like seeing that with good defenses beating up on good teams with a good quarterback. I like the underdog mentality and that whole situation. Then, they're losing two good corners in Keon Lyn and Ri'Shard Anderson. They're thinking I could play early, so that's why I chose them."

West Virginia: "West Virginia's a school that I'm probably wouldn't have to visit because my mom went there. She told me they have great fans and they're crazy about football. The fact that they have a new coaching staff. I have a great relationship with Coach (JaJuan) Seider because he was at Marshall and he recruited me there.

"When he came in he started recruited me and picked things right up there. Then there's Coach (Brian) Mitchell. They're pretty much just great guys. I feel like it's a school that could get the great out of me. On the academic side and football wise. I don't have to be nervous there because I know what to expect if I were to go up there."

Wisconsin: "I feel like that's a big school and they play, pretty much, all of the great teams out there and I want to be a part of that. Just being part of a team that plays well and dominates in that league. I also chose them because they're losing a lot of guys and they'd need me to step in and play during my freshman year.

"Plus I know a corner up there, Sojourn Shelton. I've played against him. He's fighting for playing time already. So that made me really look into Wisconsin. They have some great coaches up there. Coach (Chris) Beatty, they're just great coaches. I like their academics as well."

Hallmon added that he's planning on visiting each school on his list, and if he feels comfortable on any of the visits he would commit. His mom wants him to visit before committing anywhere, and will be joining Hallmon on each trip.

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