Trejo in Waiting Mode

Trevon Trejo is one of a few members of Syracuse's 2013 class that is not on campus. However, his is the most promising as far as being available for the upcoming season. He discusses where things stand and when they should be resolved inside.

One of the members of the 2013 class that has yet to arrive on the Syracuse campus is Golden West College transfer Trevon Trejo. His situation is different than Corey Cooper's or Wayne Williams'. Trejo is waiting on a grade to post so that he can make the transfer official.

"Right now I'm still in Cali," Trejo explained. "I'm waiting on one of the teachers at Golden West to post one of my grades. Once that posts I'll be right over there. That's pretty much all the wait is. I don't know my actual grade but it shouldn't be anything below a C. I think I did pretty well in that class. It's just a matter of the teacher posting the grade so that I can transfer in to Syracuse.

"The class deadline is in August, but since I'm waiting for this situation, she'll probably post it next week. Once it posts I just have to send the transcript to Syracuse and then I'll be over there. It shouldn't take too long for me to get on campus from there. It would just be a matter of me getting a flight."

Throughout the summer, Trejo has stayed in touch with the Syracuse staff to keep them updated on his academics.

"We hit each other up all the time," Trejo admitted. "We just talk about school and making sure I'm doing what I need to do. They hit me up all the time whether it's Coach (Tim) Daoust or (Eric) White. Over the summer we've pretty much just talked about getting my transfer right. Just trying to get my grades in and get that part over with."

As his division one college career approaches, Trejo continues to work hard to improve in order to make an immediate impact when he arrives on campus. While he admits he's at a disadvantage coming in so late, he believes he will transition smoothly.

"I've been working mostly on my speed," Trejo claimed. "Running, staying in good condition, hitting the weight room to get stronger. Things like that. I'm just very excited about getting to Syracuse. I can't wait to get there. I kind of wish I was able to get there at the end of last semester instead of now, but I'm very excited.

"I expect myself to get going quickly. I feel like I have work to do when I get up there. I feel like I'm behind. But when I get there I'll catch up to things and get on the same page as everybody else."

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