First Day Analysis: James Southerland

Looking to make the right impression, Southerland began his summer audition. More inside.

Syracuse Orange alum James Southerland had the best season of his collegiate career most recently.

His deep shot had never looked stronger and his choice to begin playing defense aided the Orange even when he was not connecting from long range.

But despite a season showing Southerland on the upswing, he did not hear his name called in this year's NBA Draft.

Instead, he was offered SN opportunity as an undrsfted free agent to join the Philadelphia 76ers and, thus, former Syracuse teammate Michael Carter-Williams.

In his first game playing against those competing with him for a place in the NBA, Southerland seemed one-dimensional. Whenever the Sixers were on offense, he would go out beyond the arc and put his hands out for the ball.

He was committed to the deep shot. That was it.

No backing down defenders in a post-up opportunity. No drives to the rim to command a foul. No short-range jump shots.

He wanted the game to come to him as opposed to go after the game and making opportunities for both himself and his teammates.

Southerland finished with four points on 2-for-8 from the field, missing the lone three he took along with other longer two-point tries.

Defensively, he reverted back to being rather silent, ending the game with two rebounds, one better than a quiet performance on the offensive glass as well.

He did have two steals and no turnovers, but if he wants to make a roster spot this season, he must do more with the time he is allotted, including being willing to expand his game instead of si ply relying on on thing because his deep shot will not always be there.

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