Sykes Still Planning Cuse Visit

Despite having four talented linebacker commitments, Syracuse is not done at the position for their 2014 class. Nile Sykes is high on their wish list, and the interest is mutual. He discusses the status of a visit, decision time frame, and more with inside.

Lombard (IL) Montini Catholic High linebacker Nile Sykes has had a busy summer. He's taken several visits already to schools near and far.

"I've been to Tennessee, I've been to Vanderbilt," Sykes recalled. "I've been to Cincinnati and I've been to Illinois. Then I visited Iowa State and that's about it."

Despite those visits, Sykes has yet to trim his list. There is another school he wants to see before he takes the next step into his recruitment.

"I never made a list like I said I was going to," Sykes admitted. "I'm not ready yet to make a decision. My family and I decided that we're going to let it play out. I'm going to get some games in during my upcoming season. Also, I want to take my officials and I want to take some more visits. Syracuse being one of them."

Sykes and the Orange have been in contact throughout the recruiting process. Syracuse has made him a priority, and that's part of the reason he is so interested in visiting.

"We're in contact on a weekly basis," Sykes claimed. "I just update them on what's going on with me and they let me know what's going on with them. But they're on vacation right now so that's part of the reason I'm not going to go visit this coming weekend like I had planned because I want the head coach to be there. The whole staff, I want them to be there. I want to be able to get the full experience and meet everybody.

"So far they just tell me that it's a great place and tell me the background. They tell me that they're engineering school is very strong and tell me about their graduation rate. They just tell me what it's like to be out there at Syracuse so I'm excited to get out there and see it all for myself."

Sykes added that another reason he is unable to visit is due to a personal family issue that has occupied their free time, preventing availability for some visits.

Another thing that has stood out about Syracuse to Sykes is the fan base. The three star linebacker has noticed the attention the Orange fans have shown.

"It's actually really cool," Sykes offered. "They're the first school to talk to me and saying how much they love and want me over Twitter. That's kind of cool and I appreciate that. They've been going strong and still are going strong even today. So that's kind of cool."

Syracuse might not be the only school Sykes visits before the summer ends. A return trip to Iowa State could be in his future. The Cyclones figure to be in it for Sykes until the end.

"If my schedule allows, I definitely want to take other visits," Sykes said. "I want to get back out to Iowa State. I want to up to Wisconsin. I just might go to Minnesota on the 19th. A friend of mine, Jamal Baggett, is going up there and said he might be able to give me a ride. I'm not sure right now."

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