At the Midpoint: James Southerland

As Summer League heads into its latter half, Southerland must do more moving forward. More inside.

James Southerland was given an opportunity coming off his time with the Syracuse Orange to work to make an NBA team after not being selected in this year's draft by the 27 teams that participated.

With the Philadelphia 76ers at the NBA Pro Summer League in Orlando, Florida, he has shown himself to be one-dimensional so far. When the Sixers are on offense, he had frequently run out behind the three-point line and waited with his hands out for someone to pass him the ball.

He does not go into the paint to try and use his size against a defender in a post-up opportunity.

He does not fake the deep shot and head to the rim.

He does not look for tries inside the arc.

What he has done is tell any opponent that all he wants to do is catch someone's eye in his ability to connect from long range.

With numerous NBA players who have range being more than simply shooters, such as Stephen Curry and Dirk Nowitzki, among others, Southerland cannot simply rely on that to get him to the next level.

On top of that, he is not shooting well from deep in Summer League so far. Through three games, Southerland is 2-for-9 from distance and has made six of his 19 tries overall.

Defensively, he has been a relative non-factor with two rebounds and no blocks in those three games.

Southerland has added two steals and has committed no turnovers in three matches, but 4.7 points per game, less than 25% shooting from your specialty area, and no big plays are not going to elevate him, at this point, to the next level.

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