Intro 2015: Devine Ozigbo

Sachse (TX) running back Devine Ozigbo already holds one offer and is picking up interest from some big name programs. He breaks down a connection he has to a northeast program, what he's looking for in a school, and more inside.

Texas is a hotbed for division one talent year after year. The 2015 class is no exception, and one already on the radar is Sachse (TX) running back Devine Ozigbo. With one offer in hand, he has a number of other schools expressing interest early in the process.

"Utah has offered me," Ozigbo explained. "This little D-3 school here in Texas said they want me to play for them, but I don't think they can offer me at that level so I'm not sure what to consider that.

"Other schools that have shown interest are Duke, Arkansas, Baylor, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, SMU, Notre Dame, Michigan, Boise State, Oregon State and Syracuse are all I can remember right now. And Purdue I think."

An offer he hopes comes down the road is from a school that might surprise most, especially considering they don't venture in the Lone Star State very often.

"I have a friend that's real close to the people up at Syracuse.," Ozigbo admitted. "At this point, they really can't contact me. So my friend has just been talking to them about me. We're going to go up to a game. I'm going to go up there with my friend and my parents are allowing me to go with them. So then when I'm there they'll show me around and stuff.

"What most people don't know is that I'm from Boston, Massachusetts originally. I was born in Boston. So I'm used to that area. I've played up in the northeast. So if they offered me they'd be right up there and a big contender. I like their offense and how they run the ball. Syracuse is a real contender but it all starts with the offer first."

Despite it being very early in the process for 2015 prospects, Ozigbo knows exactly what he's looking for in a potential fit at the next level.

"They have to have what I'm majoring in," Ozigbo claimed. "I want to be a coach slash trainer or something in football. I really would like to coach if I don't make it to the pros, which is my dream. I would really like to coach at the college that I go to.

"That way if I don't make it all the way I can come back and coach. Campus wise, I want to see the people that go there and see things academically."

Whichever school the Sachse High standout chooses is getting a talented running back who shows a lot of power of his highlight tape. He compares himself to one of the best running backs in the NFL.

"If I had to compare myself to a running back it would be an Arian Foster type of back," Ozigbo declared. "Big, can move pretty well, not the fastest but when I get into the open field I think I can still break away. I can catch and that's one thing that I pride myself on. I have very good hands for a running back.

"I have good ball security. I don't put the ball on the ground much. I'm patient and let my blocks set up. I don't force anything, I just work with what I got."

You can check out his highlights by CLICKING HERE.

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