South Rising Up

With three quiet games having past, the Orange alum put on a show worth watching. More inside.

Syracuse Orange alum James Southerland entered his fourth competition in NBA Pro Summer League with play that was well under par.

He was playing a one-dimensional game of three or bust and struggling to get his deep ball to fall. In three matches, he went a total of 2-for-9 from distance.

But in the Philadelphia 76ers' contest with the Orlando Magic, Southerland connected 50% of the time from beyond the arc. After making a mere two deep attempts over three games, he matched that number in this game alone versus the Magic.

With six made shots overall in three games, Southerland made five against Orlando, and he did it in less attempts. His six makes came from 19 tries. Versus the Magic, he was 5-for-10.

He was also a perfect 3-for-3 from the line after being fouled on a long range attempt, finishing with 15 points total.

Southerland not only made shots, he took them from other areas. Along with his two made three-pointers, he faked a deep attempt and went inside the arc with a man defending him. On another play, he was standing to the right of former Orange teammate Michael Carter-Williams who passed the ball out to him, which Southerland used to make a short-range jump shot.

Defensively, he grabbed six rebounds, not waiting for the ball to come to him but rather going to the ball.

He aided Carter-Williams who was getting backed down near the basket by offering help defense with a block from behind.

Southerland looked like for the first time at Summer League that he wanted a job and was going to help the team on both ends to demonstrate why he should be hired.

Now, he moves forward into his final day in Orlando, Florida, with his strongest performance coming most recently.

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