Final Grade: James Southerland

Wrapping up his first summer league action, Southerland eyes an opportunity to play in the NBA. More inside.

James Southerland showed flashes of shooting prowess while a member of the Syracuse Orange, none more than in his final season of eligibility.

He made nine three-pointers versus Arkansas early in the 2012-13 season and went on to impress in the postseason, making 12 of his first 15 attempts from long range in Syracuse's last Big East Conference Tournament.

At Orlando Pro Summer League in Florida, playing with the Philadelphia 76ers, Southerland relied on his range for the early part of the week. He depicted himself as merely a one-dimensional player: no inside work, no short-range jumpers, no defense, little rebounding.

All Southerland seemed to want was to show people he could make shots from beyond the arc. Not only did he fail at that, going 2-for-9 to start, but he failed to stand out because of his self-condensed game.

But as the week went on, Southerland branched out. On the second to last day, he attacked off the dribble, he faked three-point attempts, he went close to the basket for short-range help. On defense, Southerland provided help defense by blocking opponents who were backing down teammates like former Orange guard Michael Carter-Williams, who also played with the Sixers in Orlando.

Southerland also began to go after rebounds. Instead of simply waiting for the game to go his way, he went with the game, and eventually his long shot started to fall as well.

He learned and grew through his week in Orlando, but it may have been too late to get him a job with Philadelphia. Southerland ends his time at the east coast Summer League with a C+.

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