Busy Summer for Clark

Chris Clark picked up his first offer when he camped at Syracuse in June. Since then, he has continued to compete in various camps and even grabbed another offer. He recaps his busy summer so far and looks ahead to an unofficial visit inside.

2015 Avon Farms (CT) tight end Chris Clark has started to create a buzz this summer after several camps showed off his combination of size, athleticism, speed and strength.

"After the Syracuse camp I went down to North Carolina and camped at N.C. State," Clark explained. "I actually got an offer from them after the camp. Then I went down to Duke the next day. I actually hurt my groin while I was there a little bit so I had to leave camp early.

"I was also at Boston College. I had a really good camp down there. I liked it a lot. I just got back from Maryland and the Rivals challenge in Texas."

The camp tour was great from an exposure standpoint. However, there is a point where the body can only take so much.

"It definitely takes a toll on you," Clark admitted. "It was tough because my groin was really bothering me towards the end of camps. I just had to push through. But it was a really good experience. I did a lot of good things.

"It was nice to compete at a lot of different schools. There was some really, really good competition at all of these camps."

With camps in the rearview mirror, Clark is now focused on a visit at the end of the month. He will take a trip to the school that first offered him to get a better feel for the campus.

"I just want to get a feel for the facilities," Clark described. "Get to know the coaching staff a little bit more. I want to check out the campus because I've never been up to Syracuse. It'll be kind of cool to check out the school for the first time."

Clark says he hasn't been in regular contact with the Orange coaches because of the quiet period. He does say, however, he remembers what they said to him when they offered at camp.

"The contact has been little only because we're in a quiet period right now," Clark claimed. "The coaches can't contact me directly. It's kind of one of those things where if I wanted to give them a call, then I think I could talk to them.

"The thing that's really big is they were telling me after camp that I'm one of their big targets for 2015. When I go down for the visit I'll finally get a chance to assess everything and talk to them about everything. My mom and dad are coming with me."

With one visit already scheduled, could more be on the way this summer?

"I'm not sure," Clark said. "I mean, I would like to get out to N.C. State again to check it out. But definitely next year I'll take a ton of visits to these schools. It's just pretty early. I'm definitely going to check out Penn State vs Syracuse game. Maybe ‘Cuse vs N.C. State. I'll see what other schools get involved."

Last season, Clark was able to check out Syracuse's Pinstripe Bowl victory. A friend of the family, who used to play for Syracuse, got them tickets.

"My dad's good friend, Richie Roche, played at Syracuse," Clark recalled. "He hooked us up with some tickets so we kind of just went down to check things out. It was right near where I live. It was a good game. It was really bad weather though.

"But it was really cool to see it all. Great fans from both schools. Both Syracuse fans and West Virginia fans stepped up."

Clark is not forcing anything since it is still very early. However, he did mention a couple of schools that are standing out a bit.

"I'm just taking things in as they go," Clark declared. "I don't have any favorites right now. I really do like Syracuse and I like Penn State a lot because they use their tight ends there. It's a good tight end school.

"Those are definitely at the top of my list right now. But things change and more things will come into play. I'll see how it all goes."

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