Stewart Focused on Four

Rasaan Stewart is looking at four northeast schools as summer reaches its midway point. He breaks down why each school made his list and discusses a time frame for a final decision inside.

Graterford (PA) Perklomen Valley defensive back Rasaan Stewart is focusing on four schools as his senior season rapidly approaches. Boston College, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, and Syracuse are the four at the top of his list right now. Each school is on his list for a specific reason.

Boston College: "They have more connections education wise. They have connections with my family. My mom and dad have talked to them numerous times. It's one of those schools that hasn't been big winning games wise the last couple of years.

"Academics are a big part of their program and my parents and I think that's a big part of where I want to go to school. Their campus is beautiful as well. I feel like their coaching staff seems like what I'd want to focus on in a school."

Pittsburgh: "With Pitt, ever since they offered me I've had a connection with them. They were one of the first schools I wanted an offer from. They were the first main big school that offered me. I really like their campus and I feel like it's a fun school."

Rutgers: "I have a good relationship with Coach Darrell Wilson. He's been recruiting me. One of the reasons I like Rutgers is because I like him as a coach and as a person. He has the same morals and values as my parents. That's something that I find important. The fact that he's the coach at my position, that's important to have that relationship with your coach.

"I haven't been to the campus but I've been to the field and see the weight room and facilities. Recently, I looked at how many defensive backs they have on their team and that's one of the things that was questionable. They have a lot of d-backs already on the team, so that's one of the questions I have to bring up."

Syracuse: "Some people I know have committed there like Zaire (Franklin). He calls me all the time trying to convince me to go there. I was planning on taking a visit up there but I had a camp and been busy the past few weeks. I've got to find time to schedule that visit. The coaching staff seems to be on me and is recruiting me. I'm just trying to check them out.

"I'm not sure when I'll take the visit but I definitely am going to try to do that. With Syracuse, it's more that they've had committed players contact me and I think that's the most important thing is talking with players. I feel like when you talk to the players it's real. They give the real story on why they chose that school so I feel like I'm getting real information."

Stewart added that he's in waiting mode at the moment. He believes he can impress during his senior season and possibly earn more offers. So before he makes a decision, he wants to weigh all of his options. There is no current time frame for his final decision.

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