Williams Feels More at Home After Visit

Rodney Williams was a surprise commit to many Syracuse fans when he pulled the trigger in June. However, he has been very impressive during the camp circuit over the spring and summer. He took a second trip up to the Orange campus this week and discussed the visit with CuseNation.com inside.

Cherry Hill (NJ) defensive back Rodney Williams committed to Syracuse shortly after being on campus during one of their summer camps. On Tuesday, he took a trip back up to take a full visit and get a better feel for the campus as a whole.

"I was with Coach Shafer and Coach Daoust throughout the day," Williams explained. "I visited the entire campus. The Carrier Dome, Manley Field House, Whitman School of Business, the whole thing. Also, I met the academic advisor, Mr. Brady, and the business secretary gave me an hour tour of the building.

"Then I had a meeting with Coach Shafer and my mother. We also visited both campus apartments as well. I had seen more of the campus already but I love that and the love the facilities."

The conversation with Scott Shafer was more important for Williams' mom than it was for him. He had already spoken to Coach Shafer a few times. His mom wanted to get to know the man that would be watching over her son for the next few years of his life. She came away feeling like he was in good hands.

"He just told my mother about himself," Williams recalled. "He said academics come first. He wants to be a tough football team and hardnosed at Syracuse. He just told my mother he would coach me hard but would take care of me."

Defensive line coach Tim Daoust spend a lot of time with Williams on the visit. The two discussed many things, including both football and non-football related topics. Most important in their conversations was the emphasis on winning in the classroom.

"Coach Daoust told me to keep up the hard work in the classroom," Williams said. "He said I won't be wearing cleats forever."

While all aspects of the trip were positive in Williams mind, one part of the visit opened his eyes more than others.

"One thing that stood out is the supporting case," Williams declared. "It seems to be huge at Syracuse and puts you in the best place to be successful. They're all extremely good people all around. From the coaching staff, to the professors, to the advisors. Everybody."

Don't misunderstand, Williams has been a solid commit since he pulled the trigger last month. However, it never hurts to continue to seal the deal. This visit did just that for the Orange.

"This visit made a huge difference," Williams admitted. "I felt even more connected to everyone there. It made it more of a home environment feeling. I can't wait for the season to start."

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