No Bad Blood Between Them

Drew Allen and Terrel Hunt are entrenched in an intense battle to win the starting quarterback spot for the Syracuse Orange. Despite an awkward situation with Allen transferring in, the two have developed a mutual respect for one another.

When Drew Allen chose Syracuse as the place he would spend his senior season, many Orange fans rejoiced. The answer as to who would replace Ryan Nassib was found.

There was a lot of buzz surround Allen joining the Orange. He was a highly regarded prospect coming out of high school with offers from Mississippi, Oklahoma State, and Vanderbilt among others in addition to Oklahoma. The media and fans alike believed Allen could fulfill that hype at Syracuse.

Meanwhile, there was Terrel Hunt. The redshirt sophomore who had taken a firm grasp of the starting quarterback job in the spring. The guy who set to see the field for the first time in his college career was now taking a back seat, in the headlines anyway, to someone who hadn't even been part of the program previously.

But the Syracuse staff preaches a family environment. In order to continue that atmosphere, the two players in a seemingly conflict ridden situation would have to develop a respect for one another.

When Allen first arrived during the summer, he was an outsider. So he tried to win over his new teammates the only way he knew how. With results.

"You have to just lead by example," Allen explained. "Come in, be quiet, let my actions speak for themselves. Basically just work hard. You can't take any days off. You can't go hard one day and the next day slack off. I think just the consistency of coming to work every day, coming to practice every day, attacking it and having fun. When guys see that every single day, I think that over time, they begin to build a respect for me as the guy that's coming in."

The biggest hurdle would be gaining the respect of his fellow quarterbacks. Terrel Hunt said there's never been a conflict between the two, and they view each other simply as teammates.

"He's a cool guy," Hunt described. "At times, it doesn't even feel like a competition. We're all friends and we're all a family. He's a cool guy. He's very level headed and he's a fun to be with."

Allen echoed similar sentiments, saying there was never any conflict with the other quarterbacks. While they competed, they also pushed each other in order to take each player's game to a new level.

"They're all great guys," Allen admitted. "Our interaction in the summer since the day I got here, there's been no animosity. Just like Oklahoma, we're the same but obviously we're different in a lot of areas. But we have the same goals, the same aspirations and the same mindset.

"So we've never clashed and I don't think we ever will. Because we work together as a unit and as a team as well. I think those things together really pushes us against each other but in a positive way because we get better."

With the season opener two weeks away, the starting quarterback has not been officially announced yet. Whoever is ultimately selected to be the backup will continue support the other. There is no bad blood here.

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