An Update on Wayne Williams

The Wayne Williams saga was all but over. He would not be joining the team in 2013, and instead would look to enroll in January. However, the JUCO transfer has been working hard over the summer and has a small glimmer of hope. Details inside.

Wayne Williams has been working hard over the summer to get his grades in order so that he could join the Syracuse Orange for the 2013 season. With the opener two weeks away, Williams still has a sliver of hope.

His summer semester is complete, where he finished up six classes. obtained an exclusive photo of Williams summer class grades. You can view that picture HERE.

Williams received three A's, a B, a C+ and a C over the summer. So what's the next step?

"I'm waiting for my grades to be approved by the assistant president of ASA," Williams told "I think it's a possibility (of joining the team this season). I'm waiting for Coach Daoust to get back from Fort Drum so we can go over academics to see our options."

While Williams joining Syracuse this season may still be a long shot, that hasn't stopped him from trying. Regardless of the end result, Williams hasn't lost his confidence.

"I'm just glad the school part is over," Williams said. "If I miss this season, just be ready for a different kind of beast next season."

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