Cabinda Clears the Air

Recently, one of Syracuse's commits has received interest from another program. Jason Cabinda was contacted by Penn State to see if he would be interested if the Nittany Lions were to offer. This caused many Syracuse fans to panic. Cabinda goes in-depth on the situation with Penn State, where things stand with Syracuse and more inside.

Flemington (NJ) Hunterdon Central linebacker Jason Cabinda is one of Syracuse's highest rated recruits after a recent bump to his ranking. Recently, the three star linebacker received interest from a regional power. That led to some concern from Orange fans.

"What happened was Penn State lost one of their commits at outside linebacker," Cabinda explained. "Early on the process they were very interested in me and I had a good camp there. They liked me a lot but I think their problem was the fact that I told them if they offered right then and there I would not have committed because I still had more visits to do. Basically what they wanted me to do was give them a call when I was done with my visits. If I didn't commit to another school I should give them a call.

"After I made my visit to Syracuse, I was pretty satisfied that that's where I wanted to be. I never ended up calling them back. So after all of this ended up happening with the decommit going to Michigan, I came back on the radar. They started contacting me again. My recruiting coach their contacted me and then another coach contacted my coach saying they were going to send the staff down to the Bridgewater game this year. They asked me if I was still interested. I guess an article came out somehow saying I was interested and that freaked people out."

Despite that interest, Cabinda says he is still fully committed to the Orange.

"The reason I set my recruiting date for when I did was because I believed at that time I had heard from all colleges," Cabinda recalled. "I didn't think I was going to get anymore offers. I'm not in a situation where I'm saying something's going to happen because I'm very committed to Syracuse. But I've always been open minded and want to consider all of my options.

"If they did offer it wouldn't be 100% that I'm not considering it or thinking about it. But I am very committed to Syracuse and it would have to be something overwhelmingly better that would change my mind and I highly doubt that would happen."

When word got out that Penn State was pursuing Cabinda, some other Syracuse commits (A.J. Long, Zaire Franklin) reached out to ensure he was still on board. He also spoke with a member of the Orange staff. Cabinda assured all parties there was no reason to panic.

"Both A.J. and Zaire reached out to me," Cabinda admitted. "They just asked me what was going on and making sure everything's good. Eric White, the director of recruiting, he's always on top of me and asking me what's going on. He sent me a snapshot of the article. I actually did not know about it until Eric White brought it to my attention.

"He asked what's going on and if he should be worried. I told him don't sweat it. We're good right now. But the reaction from the fans, that was pretty great. I like the fact that I received a lot of love from the fans. It made me feel like I mean a lot to the 2014 class. That made me happy."

Cabinda is still in the process of scheduling his official visit to Syracuse. Originally, the plan was to be in attendance for the Orange's ACC opener. However, he wants to be on campus during some important officials for uncommitted prospects.

"I have not set that date quite yet," Cabinda said. "I wanted to go to the Clemson game. But now I'm thinking of setting an official date for after the season. Just because of recruiting and being able to get some guys down the home stretch. To set an official date when those other recruits who haven't committed come up for a visit.

"I'm not sure when that day will be but I'll be in contact with Eric White and we'll work that out."

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