Out of the shadows

Former Syracuse standout, Tim Desko, took some time and caught up with CuseNation.com and chatted about his newest lacrosse endeavor, what he has been up to this summer and more, inside.

The last name Desko is synonymous with lacrosse royalty. Ask an avid lacrosse fan to name their Top 5 college coaches and you bet your bottom dollar Syracuse lacrosse head coach, John Desko, will be one of them.

However, for his son, Tim, a former Syracuse attackman, is stepping out of the shadows and looking to forge his own lacrosse identity, this time as Rollins assistant coach and offensive coordinator.

"It's a great opportunity," Tim said. "Not many people get an assistant coaching job right out of college. People usually do volunteer work or do grad school and work their way up. It's kind of an interesting opportunity right off the bat. It's always been something I've wanted to do."

Tim's resume speaks for himself, too, and is no stranger to having his hand in something lacrosse at all times. In September of last year, shortly after he graduated from Syracuse, he moved down to Atlanta, GA, to help out another former player and founder of LB3 Lacrosse, Liam Banks. There, Tim conducted team training, private lessons as well as ran its club teams. He was also one of McKintosh High School's (GA) coaches for a season.

"I got a little experience down there," Tim said. "I was done with the area so I decided to move back home to Syracuse and started exploring other options."

After being home for roughly two weeks, Tim got a call from Rollins head coach, R.J. Rossi.

"When I told them I was going to check it out and got the call," Tim said about his parent's excitement, "they were very supportive. They are really excited for me. It's a great start."

Aside from stops at LB3 Lacrosse and McKintosh High School, Tim has been busy traveling the world with a STX sponsored team called LXM Pro.

"LXM Pro is totally different from the Major Lacrosse League (MLL)," he said. "You can't do both, you have to choose one or the other, so I chose to line up with them. What we do is travel to all sorts of cool places and spread the game of lacrosse. We do clinics, hang out with the kids, sign autographs for them and then play a pro game."

When it comes to bringing a certain style to the program, Tim is sticking close to home, hoping to take bits and pieces of the "Syracuse way" to the Sunshine State.

"As far as my philosophy goes," Tim said, "I believe lacrosse is the fastest game on two feet, so the things I will teach are all run-and-gun, up-the-field type stuff – that has always been the tradition for Syracuse."

He continued, "I've been playing lacrosse since I was really little. It starts with what I have been doing my whole life. I'm going to take everything I learned, whether it is from high school, my time at Syracuse and the stuff I have been doing recently and incorporate everything. It's going to be very similar to what they do at Syracuse."

Of course, CuseNation.com couldn't let Tim go without asking about Syracuse's incoming class and the upcoming season:

"The coaching staff did a tremendous job last year with the players," Tim said. "A lot of those guys I played with … I was just so proud of them. The team has a lot of returners as well as a lot of guys that were injured that are going to step in and really help the team. Every year at Syracuse, the goal is to get to the national championship and if you don't, the season is kind of looked at as a failure"

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