Flemming Confident in Receiving Corps

Adrian Flemming is finally healthy and ready to be a big part of the Syracuse offense this season. CuseNation.com spoke to the senior receiver to discuss the offense, young players that have impressed, and more.

Fall camp in 2013 had a different feel for Syracuse wide receiver Adrian Flemming than in prior years. Finally he had risen to the top of the depth chart and was poised for a significant role in the offense.

"Just more intensity," Flemming said. "This is my last year, so I want to make as big of an impact as I can. I'm comfortable with everything with the playbook. My health is good. I have some bumps and bruises from camp but that's normal."

One of the reasons there is a larger role this season is the loss of receivers Alec Lemon and Marcus Sales to graduation. Despite the loss of two productive players, Flemming believes this year's bunch can be even better.

"I think we're pretty strong as a group," Flemming said. "Alec and Marcus were definitely a big part of our program. But I think me, Jarrod (West) and the rest of the receivers will replace them pretty well.

"Our goal is to better. I feel like me and Jarrod can make more plays down the field. With deep balls and throws like that. Also getting more YAC (yards after catch) yardage."

One reason Flemming believes in this year's receiving core is how impressive the younger guys have been. One in particular has caught the eye of the senior wide out.

"Brisly Estime actually," Flemming said. "He's impressed me with his speed and quickness. Just pure speed. Speed kills and there's a vast amount of ways we can use him in this offense.

"Being a senior, me and Jarrod try to help the freshmen out. We try to help them as much as we can because we remember what it was like when we were freshmen."

The good news for Syracuse fans is that regardless of trots onto the MetLife Stadium turf on Saturday, Flemming believes he has a good rapport with either candidate.

"I'm actually very comfortable with either Drew (Allen) or Terrel (Hunt)," Flemming said. "Over the summer I worked with both of them. I got a feel for how each works and I'm comfortable with both guys."

With one final message, Flemming declared what Orange fans can expect from George McDonald's offense this season.

"You can expect bigger plays," Flemming said. "We'll be able to drive the ball down the field. We can make plays."

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