Quick hitter: George Morris

George Morris showed his versatility as one of Syracuse's primary kick returners last Saturday afternoon versus Penn State. Inside, the red-shirt freshman talks about learning under Smith and Tyson-Gulley and what was going through his mind as he was trying to breakthrough the Nittany Lions coverage.

When George Morris was listed on the depth chart as a kick returner it probably had a few Syracuse fans rubbing their eyes to see if what they were reading was in fact true or not.

Well, what the fans read was indeed correct; Morris is one of Syracuse's primary kick returners and he dazzled against Penn State last Saturday.

The Georgia native wasn't lined up in the backfield awaiting a handoff from Drew Allen, but rather lined up deep awaiting the ball to fall from the sky.

"It was fun," Morris said, "It was exciting."

Despite taking a knee on a majority of returns, Morris managed to show his versatility, returning two kick-offs for a total of 70 yards

"I was getting antsy," he said. "After taking a couple of knees, I wanted to take one out."

For Morris, his tutelage under running back mates, senior, Prince Tyson-Gulley and junior, Jerome Smith, has been a positive gain for him.

"It is a great learning experience," he said. "I'm learning from two older guys that have done it all and seen it all. I just have to sit back and try to learn from them."

Together, the two backs combined for 18 carries, 97 yards and two touchdowns. Morris, meanwhile, had one carry for four yards.

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer likes using backup running backs as kick returners. It is an easy way to get Morris some touches without taking too many away from Smith or Gulley. Though Morris will still be expected to contribute in the running game, depending on the game plan each week.

The coaches as a whole were satisfied with Morris's play, too.

"They just said that they liked that I wasn't trying to do too much," he said. "They just want me to keep going out there and giving my all. They liked what they saw."

When it comes to the playbook and juggling two key positions, the red-shirt freshman said it is all about finding a balance and making sure he is devoting enough time to both.

"You have to focus in on learning everything," he said. "You just take time to do a little bit of each."

With Northwestern in tow, Morris said that he will continue doing whatever possible to help his team get that first win.

"Anyway possible I can help the team out with good field position is good for us. I'm just out there helping and doing what I can."

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