Syracuse 'Just Felt Right' for Custis

Jamal Custis committed to Syracuse on Sunday giving them another one of their top skill position targets. He breaks down why he chose the Orange, reaction from the coaches when he made his decision, and thoughts on how he can contribute during his career.

Philadelphia (Pa.) St. John Neumann wide receiver Jamal Custis had Syracuse on top after he visited last month. On Sunday, he decided to end his recruiting process and pledge to the Orange.

"I felt like it was the right time," Custis said. "I've been battling basically with two or three schools for some time now. I felt like Syracuse was the right place so there was no longer a need to wait. I decided to do it today."

Of the many reasons why the three start prospect chose Syracuse, maybe the most important was how much Custis felt wanted by the Orange staff.

"When I went to the school for the visit, I really felt at home," Custis said. "I went and talked to all the coaches. All the coaches welcomed me there. I've been talking to coach (Tim) Daoust all year. He came to one of my practicies. I really felt the love. They send me letters every day. Hand written letters from every coach every day. So I really felt like I was welcome there. The plans that they have for me, with the opportunity to play early, that really triggered me to commit to Syracuse."

Once Custis came to his final decision, he called the coach with whom he had developed a strong relationship throughout the recruiting process.

"I actually called coach Daoust," Custis said. "He thought it was great. He was ready for me to commit. All of the coaching staff was excited. He joked that he wanted me to come play right now. He was very excited. I talked to all the coaches. I talked to the offensive coordinator, (George) McDonald and a couple other coaches. They were very excited. It was a good vibe from them."

While Syracuse believes Custis will be a valuable asset on the gridiron, he could contribute athletically for another Orange program.

"Yes they did tell me I could play basketball," Custis said. "I talked to a Syracuse assistant basketball coach (Mike Hopkins). When I went up on the visit I actually had a meeting with them too. That is a possibility as well. Basically I can play basketball if I wanted to. I actually talked to coach Hopkins, the assistant basketball coach, the other day when he was calling me. So it's definitely a possibility."

Despite the struggles over the first two games for the Orange on the field, Custis was not discouraged by the future at Syracuse. He sees it as an opportunity to contribute early.

"I watched the past couple games," Custis said. "I think I can come in early and play. People were thinking that I wasn't interested after seeing them play the last couple of games. But I think it's just a great opportunity to come in and play right away to help them be a better team overall. I'm looking to come in and help them offensively early. That was one of the reasons I committed too. I think with the recruits they have now, I think it'll be something special next year when I get there."

Custis added that he is not going to take his official to Pittsburgh and is planning on taking one to Syracuse during the season.

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