Quick hitter: Quinta Funderburk

The soft-spoken Funderburk arrived on Syracuse's campus with a lot of buzz, however, has yet to show his full capabilities. Against Northwestern, he showed glimpses. He talks to CuseNation.com about staying positive despite limited playing time and striving to get better inside.

The former four-star transfer from Arkansas, Quinta Funderburk, said he wanted to seize the opportunity during last weekend's 48-27 Northwestern drudging.

"I just knew I had an opportunity," he said. "I had to go out there and make plays."

With the game already out of reach, Funderburk jogged onto the field alongside quarterback Terrel Hunt for a series, caught two passes and showed his ability to get open.

"It felt good that Terrel gave me the ball," Funderburk said. "I liked it a lot."

The receiver stepped on Syracuse's campus with a great deal of buzz last year. Could he help out a receiving group that lost Alec Lemon and Marcus Sales to graduation? That remains to be seen.

Funderburk is buried on the depth chart, but his showing last Saturday could be an option for the Orange moving forward.

Like any highly touted athlete nowadays, four or five stars next to a player's name could stir up entitlement. That's not the case with Funderburk. He remains humbled by the whole ordeal.

"I just have keep working hard to get on that field," he said. "That's all I can keep doing is work hard."

The Syracuse coaching staff was pleased with the few glimpses that they saw from the young receiver, too.

"They just told me I did a good job and that I just need to keep working hard and carry it into practice(s)," he said.

The receiving corp has also been a staple for him in the process of getting better.

"We help each other out a lot," he said, "whether it is our route running or play calling, all of us know what we're doing."

With Syracuse looking to get its first win under its belt, Funderburk says that preparation and staying the course is key.

"We prepare for every team the same," he said. "We just try and getter better and capitalize."

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