Syracuse the Latest to Offer Ude

Russell Ude is a talented defensive end in the 2015 class who is approaching a dozen offers. The Peach State prospect picked up another from Syracuse over the weekend and he discusses it with inside.

Russell Ude, 2015 defensive end from Westminster Schools in Atlanta (Ga.), is already attracting a lot of attention from major programs. The latest to extend an offer was Syracuse.

"I got my offer on Saturday," Ude said. "Eric White, their director of recruiting, messaged me on Facebook. He was saying they needed me to come in and start as a true freshman so I can lead them to an ACC championship.

"I was excited because that's something I'm definitely interested in, playing as a true freshman. With the type of worker I am, I feel like that's something that can happen and I can make an impact at the BCS level."

Saturday's offer was the first time Ude had been in touch with the Orange staff. But the fact that it happened before a game meant a lot to the Peach State standout.

"My first contact with them was Saturday when they told me I had an offer," Ude said. "He said he had to get back to the team because they had a game. He said he wants to get me on the phone with the head coach ( Scott Shafer) and d-line coach (Tim Daoust).

"That was huge. That was a pretty cool one to have him contact me on game day. I've never had that happen before a game. I definitely thought it was pretty cool that he was thinking about me before the game."

Ude is still learning about the program, but has some family in the area that may help Syracuse down the road.

"I know this is their first year in the ACC which is huge," Ude said. "I think that's pretty cool. I know they're in New York which is also pretty cool because I have family up there. I have a cousin who lives in New York who I'm pretty tight with.

"I have another cousin who lives in the New Jersey area. And I have an aunt and uncle that live in the New Jersey area."

While Ude says he has no early favorites, there are a few schools standing out.

"No early favorites," Ude said. "A couple are standing out though. I'm supposed to go down to Florida this week to see them play Tennessee. They're really standing out. I really have a good relationship with the coaching staff over there. I like UF a lot because they're one of the best academic schools in the SEC.

"I like UCLA especially after their big win over Nebraska. It was cool to see that game. So that's huge and they asked for my transcript. And my coach said that Oregon is going to offer."

Even with some elite programs after him, the 6-foot-3 defensive end says he is going to give Syracuse the same chance as everyone else.

"To be honest, everybody's got a shot," Ude said. "I'm wide open. I'm just looking for a place that feels like home. I have to take some visits and talk to coaches. I'm looking to make my decision next summer.

"So I definitely want people to get their offers in pretty quick. I want to get the ball rolling as far as taking my visits. Really start to narrow things down. But I'm wide open at this point."

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