Holley Proud of Hunt

Thomas Holley has been close friends with Syracuse quarterback Terrel Hunt for years. CuseNation.com spoke to the four star defensive tackle to get his thoughts on Hunt's first start, as well as find out where the Orange stand. Details inside.

Four star Brooklyn (N.Y.) Lincoln defensive tackle Thomas Holley has turned his focus from recruiting to his season. So far, that focus has paid off with a strong start to his senior year.

"Everything's going good," Holley said. "Right now we're 3-0. We've just been working and everything's looking good. We're moving forward in a positive direction so everything's good. As far as me, there's always something I can work on or things I do better. But right now, I think I'm playing outstanding. I've come such a long way and I've been working so hard. It definitely shows on the field. My play has definitely stepped up a lot of notches."

One of Holley's closest friends is the new starting quarterback at Syracuse, Terrel Hunt. Naturally, Holley wasn't going to miss Hunt's first start on Saturday.

"I got a chance to see the game," Holley said. "I was actually talking with him the other night. We were texting back and forth. I got a chance to see some of him playing and he's definitely doing what he's supposed to do. I'm proud of him. I told him to keep up the work. There's not much more you can say. He got the starting job. Now he's just got to keep working and build on that.

"He said the same to me. He said to focus on my season and don't worry about anything else. Then make the right decision after the season as far as schools. That's the kind of relationship him and I have. He's like family to me. I've known him since before Christ the King and all that."

When the Orange ran out in their new uniform, it surprised Holley. He liked what he saw, however.

"It took me a little bit by surprise," Holley said. "When I was on my visit, I saw the uniforms and didn't think they were coming out with anything new. When they came out with that I was surprised. But they looked good. Syracuse is cooking with a lot of new stuff all the time so it didn't throw me off too much."

While Holley isn't nearing a final decision, he is looking to decide where he will take official visits soon. That could come this week or next. Syracuse has a chance to be one of those schools.

"I'm not sure yet," Holley said. "But most likely Syracuse is definitely one of those schools. But I'm not sure where I'm going yet. I might start taking visits a little earlier than the end of the year. As of right now, I don't know. My mom and my uncle have been talking to figure out what we're going to do. So I'm just waiting on there thoughts."

The Orange have made Holley their top priority for some time. They stay in constant communication over social media. Both were at his practice on Monday to show their continued interest, though they were not able to speak directly with Holley due to it being an evaluation period.

"Yeah (defensive line) coach (Tim) Daoust messages me on Facebook all the time," Holley said. "He wants to see how I'm doing, wishing me luck on my games and seeing how the season's going. Things like that. (Head) coach (Scott) Shafer messages me too. On Twitter, the same thing. All the guys from Syracuse always write me letters and things like that. They're always trying to keep as much contact as possible."

One of the things Syracuse has that no one else does is Terrel Hunt. He and Holley have been close friends for years. Holley says that is a factor in his recruitment.

"I mean it has an impact because Terrel always wanted me to play football when he as at Christ the King my freshman year," Holley said. "My mom, he wrote her a letter and he begged my mom. That would be another opportunity for me to play with him. But who knows what will end up happening at the end day. It kind of puts you in a little bit of a direction going that way."

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