Is Syracuse Done with New Uniforms?

Syracuse has already unveiled new helmets and pants over the last two weeks. With perhaps the biggest game on their schedule on the horizon, could the Orange be looking at something else to make the new uniforms complete? We examine the possibility inside.

The Orange rolled out some slick new uniforms when they faced Tulane last Saturday. This one week after unveiling new blue pants against Wagner. That's two uniform changes in two weeks for Syracuse. But are they done with uniform modifications?

With new helmets and pants already released, the most logical next step is a new jersey to make the uniform transformation complete. While the feedback from the new helmets/uniforms from the Tulane game were largely positive, the main complaint was the lack of orange. Some joked they should change their name to the Syracuse Blue.

New jerseys could appease those people while keeping the positive vibe among the players, recruits and many fans from the new uniforms.

Think about this. The new helmets start with a dark matte blue that fades into a metallic orange. What if the jerseys mirrored that? Starts with the orange that the helmet faded into, and towards the bottom of the jersey fades into the same dark blue of the new pants?

That uniform has the potential to be modern, edgy and continue to showcase Syracuse's namesake color. Daryl Gross not only didn't dismiss the idea of continuing to change the uniforms when he was on "Upon Further Review" on ESPN Radio in Syracuse (N.Y.) on Wednesday, he sort of hinted at the possibility.

"Whatever coach Shafer and his group chooses is what we'll be wearing," Dr. Gross said.

Not only could the likely largest crowd of the season see the hometown team face the number three team in the country, but they could also see the new look of the Syracuse Orange. There will also be a bunch of recruits on hand. New jerseys could make a big impression on them as well.

With new uniforms and the groundbreaking of a new indoor practice facility, new and modern are the themes around the Syracuse program in 2013. New jerseys would continue that trend. Don't be surprised if you see them on October 5th.

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