Bennett Continues to Improve

Parris Bennett is focused on getting his team to the playoffs during his senior season at the University of Detroit Jesuit High School. He spoke to about that, getting ready for the division one level, thoughts on Syracuse's new uniforms and whether the Orange can pull off an upset of Clemson.

Parris Bennett has started his senior season with one goal in mind; making the playoffs. Early in the season, things appear to be heading in that direction.

"The season's going pretty well," Bennett said. "The team is playing well and I think I'm playing well. On both sides of the ball, I'm getting better. It's still early but we're trying to make a playoff run this year."

In addition to his team goals, Bennett has been working hard on his craft. He believes he's already improved in a variety of ways.

"I've actually improved my knowledge at both inside and outside backer," Bennett said. "I'm not sure where I'll play in college. Whichever I can get onto the field more quickly is where I'd like to play. Also, I've been working on my speed and flying to the ball. I've been doing a lot better making plays on other sides of the field."

Even though he is committed to the Orange, he stays in constant communication with the staff. He says, despite some interest from a Big-10 school, Bennett is fully committed to Syracuse.

"I talk to all the coaches at least once a week," Bennett said. "It's nice because they always wish me good luck before my game. We keep in good contact. I haven't really heard from other schools. Wisconsin did call me once but that was it. They talked to my coach, actually, not me directly. He told them I was committed to Syracuse. Other schools have backed off. I'm fully focused on Syracuse."

Bennett has not been able to watch Syracuse extensively this season. He did, however, check out the All-Access program on the Orange that aired last week.

"I watched some of the Northwestern game," Bennett said. "They had regional coverage around here last week so I didn't get to see that. I also watched the ESPN All-Access on them. I thought it was really cool. I liked the way practices were ran. It was exciting to watch and I'm looking forward to being a part of it."

While Bennett wasn't able to watch Syracuse's game against Tulane, he did see the new helmets on social media.

"Yes I've seen the helmets," Bennett said. "They're nice, man. They're really good looking. They're one of the best helmets I've seen in college football. They're very nice. I'm very excited about them."

Bennett is looking for an official visit to Syracuse after the season, eyeing a date close to signing day.

"I'm most likely going in January," Bennett said. "Probably in late January after my exams. My first semester gets out around that time. My parents and I are still talking about it. We don't know exactly when but it'll definitely be the second half of January."

With the biggest game of the home schedule coming up for the Orange, Bennett has confidence in his future team.

"Of course I think they can," Bennett said. "They're home in the Dome and that's the best place to pull it off."

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