QB Diaries: Long Returns

A.J. Long returned after missing three games with a concussion to lead Friendship Christian to a blowout victory. He discusses their performance, what it felt like to return, Jason Cabinda's Penn State offer and driving up to Syracuse to watch his future team take on Clemson inside.

After sitting out three weeks with a concussion, Syracuse quarterback commit A.J. Long got back on the field on Friday to lead his team to victory.

"The game took forever," Long said. "It was four hours and 38 minutes long. The third quarter alone took an hour and 15 minutes because our clock kept malfunctioning. We won the game 40-10. We started off 49 seconds into the game and we scored. The rest of the game was the same way but the scoring was much more spread out.

"My individual performance, I was 10-18 for 210-yards and four passing touchdowns. I also had 10 carries for 40-yards and a rushing touchdown."

Returning to lead his team to victory was an indescribable feeling for Long, who said there wasn't any rust when he came back.

"It was awesome," Long said. "It almost made sitting out those three games worth it. Not really worth it, but it made coming back that much better knowing that it makes that big of a difference for your team. Watching them play the week before and get beat that bad, then coming out and winning, it's hard to explain."

"This week of practice was by far my best week. I only had one ball hit the ground the entire week. It wasn't like it ball that was out of place. I threw it too hard to the wrong guy. With that one ball hitting the ground over four days of practice, I think it was pretty good for me and my receivers to be that comfortable with each other that we can do that my first week back."

Now that Long is back in the swing of things, he is looking forward to getting back out onto the field for his next game. He believes the offense could have a big time performance.

"We play Mount Juliet Christian Academy," Long said. "Really, we're probably going to light it up on them. We'll probably get over 300-yards passing. Our offense, this week, could easily get 500 to 600 yards of offense. They're not predominantly good and aren't doing too well this year I don't believe from what I've seen. This week is going to be big for our offense to get back on track, back in the rhythm before I went out."

Once his game ends, Long will be getting in a car and driving all night to make sure he can be in attendance when the Orange play Clemson.

"We're driving 16 hours after my game on Friday," Long said. "I'm coming up with my dad. I'm not sure if we're getting K.J. (Williams) or if he's going up. I think he is but I'm not 100% sure on that."

Long has also heard about the Jason Cabinda news with Penn State offering. He plans on helping Syracuse keep the three star linebacker.

"Yes definitely," Long said. "We have a group message on Facebook and a group text message for all the commits. I sent it to everybody that's in my actual class on Facebook. I basically said that if anyone decommits I'm going to make their life hell for the next four years of college. Especially if they go to Pitt or Penn State or Boston College. I was that blunt because if you've committed, you thought that was the place for you.

"You thought there was no other school in the country that could match that whether you had an offer from another school or not at that time. With this offer coming now, I'm going to talk to him when we're up there to see where his head's at. I think once he sees that he got the offer after they got all of their scholarships, he wasn't a priority for them before. But now, just because they have those scholarships they can offer him. I think that will open up his eyes to see that it's a school that wants him not one that needs him."

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