Johnson Bonding with Syracuse Coaches

Three star Sunshine State cornerback Mike Johnson was unable to make it to Syracuse for an unofficial visit to watch the Orange take on Clemson. However, he remains very interested in Syracuse. He discusses the latest inside.

Clearwater (Fla.) Countryside High cornerback Mike Johnson was supposed to on the list of visitors over the weekend when Syracuse played Clemson. He and his brother were going to travel together, but had a conflict with some activities going on at school.

"I was texting my brother about it," Johnson said. "I asked him if he still wanted to go up to Syracuse. He had stuff to do for homecoming and we already had an official planned so we decided we would try to catch another game. I think the official is January 18th or something like that."

Despite not being able to make it up north, Johnson has been able to continue to develop his relationship with the Orange coaching staff.

"Yes they've been in constant contact," Johnson said. "That's like the main school that's been in contact with me. They've showed me a lot of attention. I talk to just about every coach. Like (quarterbacks) coach (Tim) Lester. But I talk to everyone. Every coach.

"They tell me I'm really high on their list. I think this year they have two senior cornerbacks or something like that. They have told me that and that they really like me and that they're going to recruit the heck out of me. I looked forward to seeing that. They've kept their word on that."

Seeing the Syracuse coaches follow through with their promise to recruit him hard early in the process has had a big impact on the three star Countryside standout.

"That means a lot," Johnson said. "Now I'm trying to get a bond with them. I bond with them unlike any other coach. Now it's easier for me to talk to them. I don't talk to any other coach like I talk to them. It's great."

Over the summer, Johnson trimmed his list to ten schools. Since then, there have been no new developments. He is still looking at those ten schools and says the biggest factor going forward could be his mother.

"I'm still at ten," Johnson said. "I have a lot of favorites right now. That's why I'm taking it day by day. Syracuse is definitely one of my favorites. That's why I want to take all five of my official visits. The school that suits me well, I'll just commit to them when the time's right. The only one I have scheduled is Syracuse so far.

"But I have to talk to my mom about everything. When I talk to her about which school I like, she has to feel comfortable with that decision. I'm just playing it day by day right now. She's a big factor in my decision."

Johnson added that his mom will be on the trip with him when he takes his official to Syracuse in January.

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