Coach Speak: Beau Benzschawel

Beau Benzschawel made his verbal commitment to Syracuse on Wednesday. What are the Orange getting in the three star athlete? spoke to his high school coach, Ben Chossek, to find out.

Syracuse landed a big commitment on Wednesday in three star Grafton (Wisc.) High athlete Beau Benzschawel. His high school head coach, Ben Chossek, says he is a versatile athlete that will transition well to the collegiate level.

"As an athlete, at 6-foot-6, 250-pounds, and a kid that can run and catch and block is a little bit unique," coach Chossek said. "He's been a four letter winner for us and has grown each year. He's done that and improved as a football player while also playing basketball and baseball. So he's really a multi-sport athlete that can do a lot of things. In my opinion, he brings a lot of things to the table in a variety of areas.

"As a tight end, he's certainly an excellent blocker and pass receiver for us. He's also been a long snapper for the last couple of years. So he really brings a lot of things to the table."

Benzschawel will start his Syracuse career as a tight end. Coach Chossek says his athleticism makes him an ideal fit at the position.

"He will have the ability to work the middle of the field at the next level," coach Chossek said. "He can run all of the different routes that a program can run. He can be a mismatch for linebackers. He's big enough to body a lot of them and make plays. He's also the type of kid that you can split out and throw the ball in the air and let him go get it. Like I mentioned, he plays basketball as well. We give him the opportunity to matchup with a smaller cornerback and make a play."

If Syracuse transitions Benzschawel to offensive tackle, his background as a strong blocking tight end will serve him well.

"I think that is certainly a strong possibility," coach Chossek said. "He's an excellent blocker. For us, we run a triple option offense so 85% of what he does every day is block. He's got a good background there and is effective. Each year, he's grown in that area. When he gets the chance to work on that at the college level, it's only going to improve."

Benzschawel's versatility doesn't end there, however. He plays defensive end for Grafton High. Coach Chossek believes, if the Orange needed to move him there because of depth concerns, he has the ability to be a contributor on that side of the ball.

"I think he would transition well there," coach Chossek said. "He understands how to play with leverage. He's a relentless type of kid for us on defense. That's what you want at the next level. He also just understands the game so well. He knows what offenses are trying to do to him to attack him."

When Beau's name is mentioned to coach Chossek, the first thing he raves about is the type of person he is off the field. He is someone that should represent the Syracuse program very well.

"Number one, he's a great person," coach Chossek said. "He's been a part of our leadership team here at Grafton High School as we've been working to rebuild the program. He's a two-year captain for us. He comes from a great family that is just someone you want as part of your team. That to me is the most important thing I think people should know.

"You're going to get a great kid. A great individual who's going to represent the program in a great way. Off the field, he's a leader in the community and in our school. I think he'll bring that same thing to Syracuse."

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