Cooper 'One Hundred Percent' Orange

Corey Cooper had a drama filled summer when he failed to qualify to attend Syracuse this fall. However, he has turned that into a positive at Jireh Prep where he is improving in the classroom and on the field.

Syracuse commit Corey Cooper was supposed to be in attendance when the Orange faced North Carolina State on Saturday. However, Cooper decided to watch the game with his family.

"I wanted to watch it with my family and my family didn't have any tickets," Cooper said. "So I just stayed home and watched it with my family at my house. All of my friends were over here watching it so I just watched it with them.

"It was a great performance. You can ask anybody, I was cheering my loudest. When they started out with the five wides a couple times, that's a receivers dream right there. I just loved the offense they had in this game. Hopefully it keeps rolling with the wins and all that."

After failing to academically qualify to attend Syracuse after high school, Cooper has spent the last couple of months at Jireh Prep in Matthews (N.C.).

"The school is great," Cooper said. "I only have about a month and a half here left. I actually have enjoyed my time here. It's been a great time and I've made life long friends here. I've been working real hard and hitting the weight room. I've been doing well in the classroom with two A's in the first quarter here. Everything's going good. I've enjoyed my stay here."

On the field, Cooper has utilized his time at Jireh to work on his game in order to prepare for life at the next level.

"I've been playing slot here which is most likely the position I'll be playing at Syracuse," Cooper said. "I have a coach that's been a head coach overseas, so he's been teaching me a lot. I've just been learning from his experience. We've been doing wide receivers drills, stuff I haven't even done before. He's a real good coach and I've enjoyed having him as my coach.

"I've been playing great. I missed the last game because of my SATs. I've been playing good. I have a couple of touchdowns and I've been getting better at playing the slot position."

When Cooper did not qualify, his recruitment opened back up in a way. He was available to be poached by another program. Several schools expressed interest including SEC power South Carolina and in-state North Carolina. But Cooper never went back on his commitment to the Orange.

"They've backed off," Cooper said. "They understand that I'm one hundred percent committed to Syracuse. I haven't heard from any schools. They have backed off and I'm fully committed to Syracuse."

Just because he's remained loyal to the Orange doesn't mean the Syracuse coaches haven't stayed in touch.

"(Wide receivers) coach (Rob) Moore visited me a couple days ago before the N.C. State game. We talked for a long time and he's just ready for me to get up there. He's ready to start working with me and I'm ready to start working with him."

Cooper added that he is on pace to enroll at Syracuse in January.

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