McDonald Focused on Wake Forest

Syracuse has used their bye week to forget about a blowout loss to Georgia Tech two Saturday's ago and shift their focus to a Wake Forest team coming into the Carrier Dome this weekend. Offensive coordinator George McDonald breaks it all down inside.

As bad as the defense was in Syracuse's loss to Georgia Tech, the offense matched their inept performance. Offensive coordinator George McDonald says there's nothing positive to take from the defeat.

"It's gone, it's gone," McDonald said. "It's out of my memory. I've scrubbed it, I've learned from it and I've buried it."

Now the Orange are poised to move on in order to get back on track.

"It's been good," McDonald said. "The biggest thing that we've told them, it's a horrible loss and everything that's been written or whatever, it's only one loss. We lost one game so now it's time to move on and get back on track. That's the biggest thing about our guys is they are very resilient.

"We lost the game, whether it's by one or 56 or whatever. But we've got a great Wake Forest team coming in at home, so we're trying to get back after it."

George McDonald and the Syracuse coaching staff has spend the bye week studying their next opponent, Wake Forest. They have been impressed with what they've seen on film.

"They play hard," McDonald said. "They play really, really hard. They don't beat themselves. They're a very disciplined team. So you have to make sure you execute to a high level because they aren't going to give you very much."

The coaches and the players are eager to get back on the field and prove that the performance against Georgia Tech was a fluke.

"I think it's just everyone working real hard," McDonald said. "You lose a game like that and it's back to the drawing board. That's coaches, that's players, that's everybody. That's even janitors. We've been in here grinding just trying to make sure we're on point with everything. The biggest pillar to get over is just practice. Just get back out there and get right back at it."

With the Syracuse receivers struggling since conference play began, the Orange have rotated in some of the younger guys to try to get a spark. That's a trend you could see for the rest of the season

"We're just trying to play the best guys that can help us win," McDonald said. "Whatever they can do, whether it's blocking or making a catch, we're just trying to get guys in there that can help us. We're just trying to use as many guys as we can. Right now you're at the point of the season where guys are getting banged up and fatigued. So the more guys you can play, the better."

The best receiver for Syracuse this season has been Ashton Broyld. He may be the key to the Orange passing attack improving its play going forward. While McDonald is pleased with how he progressed, he knows there's room for improvement.

"He's doing good," McDonald said. "Drops are, unfortunately, part of the game. They usually come at inopportune times. But he's done good to this point. He's really progressing. If you go all the way back from spring ball to where he is now, you didn't really know what he was. Now he's our leading receiver I believe. We've always said it's going to be a growing process.

"Hopefully we continue to grow and get the drops out, but I watched a Monday night game with players being paid millions of dollars dropping the ball. So hopefully we can keep getting him the ball."

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