Custis Making History

Jamal Custis has been focusing hard on his senior season. That focus has paid off as his squad is set to compete in the conference championship game for the first time in nearly 30 years. He discusses that and more inside.

Jamal Custis has been pretty quiet since committing to Syracuse. The three star receiver has been focused on his season as he leads Nuemann-Goretti to success they haven't had in nearly 30-years.

"Things are going good," Custis said. "We just clinched a spot last week. A state playoffs spot. Right now we are practicing for the championship this weekend. It's our first time being in the championship since 1986, so it's a big thing. We play West Catholic on Saturday for the division championship. So everything's been going great."

With such a historic event coming up this weekend, there is a buzz around the team and school.

"The atmosphere is crazy," Custis said. "The team is very focused. We feel like we have a great opportunity to make a big statement right now. Everybody is just so focused. Around the school, the atmosphere is great. We just had a pep rally yesterday (Wednesday). Everybody is real excited with this being the first time we've been in the championship in so long.

"We have a lot of alumni coming back for this game. Things like that. So they're really promoting this thing. Everyone's real excited."

While Custis and his teammates are excited to play in Saturday's game, they are not satisfied with just showing up.

"I'm very honored to be playing for the championship," Custis said. "Going into my senior year, as the leader, that's all I wanted. I was never really worried about stats or anything. It was all about getting my team to the championship. I'm really honored to be playing for this championship.

"I've been talking to a lot of people lately and they've been saying how proud they are of us. It's the first time since '86, so it's really special. We definitely want to take it home. We're playing our rival team, so we definitely want to take it home. We're not just making it here and happy with that. We're playing to win everything."

Despite focusing on his senior season and being committed to the Orange, Custis says a few schools have not backed off. He even picked up a new offer.

"A couple of schools have continued to pursue me," Custis said. "Virginia, Pittsburgh and I just received an offer from Purdue. I tell them that I'm committed to Syracuse and that I'm not just flipping schools or anything like that. They are more just letting me know how they feel about me. That they are still offering me.

"They just wanted me to know so that it wasn't like they didn't pursue or after I committed they just backed off. But everybody knows that I'm still committed to Syracuse."

Custis says he is not looking at those schools and is fully committed to Syracuse. In fact, he is looking to take an official sometime during the basketball season to watch one of the bigger games on the schedule.

"Actually, it's tight right now so I'm planning to visit after the season is over," Custis said. "We don't have an exact date, but I think I'm setting a date for whenever they play Duke. I'm actually really looking forward to that. They're both great teams and it's always a big game when those two teams play, so it's going to be a good experience.

"That would be very cool if I got to walk-on to the basketball team and experience that first hand."

Custis added that he's hoping to visit Syracuse on a number of occasions after the season, not just for his official. He is not planning to take trips to any other schools.

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