Lacrosse Files: the 2013 class, part II

Sweet Lax coach Kevin Martin continues the lacrosse discussion with Syracuse freshmen Syrrus Nash and Nick Weston inside.

Sweet Lax coach Kevin Martin discusses Syracuse lacrosse freshmen midfielders Syrrus Nash and Nick Weston below:

Martin on Nash (in a nutshell): "Syrrus is a really good athlete. I know he has something going on with his back. Before that, I thought he could step out there and be a defensive middy. He has great strength and size. He can definitely do something with the ball.

"Athletically, you talk about good feet, he is tough to beat and he is a great kid -- a team guy. He hasn't played any (fall ball games) and Tully didn't have the best of years to say the least. He is an unbelievable athlete. He is a guy that if he picks up a ground ball on the defensive end he is gone. He is right down the field, starting the fast break. If the defense doesn't slide he'll score. He has incredible speed and strength. Syrrus is more fast than quick."

Martin on Weston (in a nutshell): "Nick is real all-around player. To be honest with you, he is playing like most freshmen and trying not to make mistakes. He played on the Burning Orange team with all the Syracuse stars this past summer and he was the leading scorer for most of the games. That's with Mike Leveille and Kenny Nims and all of them on the team. He was one of the few kids invited. He had a couple games where he had two or three goals.

"He is very good on defense. He won't get beat. Defensively, he is very strong. He is just a real, real smart player. He knows where to drive, he plays the angles right and his speed -- if he gets the ball in transition -- is gone. I mean, he has the making of a two-way middy. He has the stick skills and defense to definitely be that down the road.

The midfielder tallied 30 goals and 35 assists for coach Bobby Wynne at the Salisbury School. The Honeoye Falls (N.Y.) native was a three-time First-Team All-League selection and chosen to the All-Greater Rochester team.

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