Just another game

Syracuse linebacker Dyshawn Davis realizes Syracuse has a David and Goliath-type matchup in No. 2 Florida State on Saturday, however, it will be the same course of action when it comes to being prepared. Davis discusses the big game inside.

Dyshawn Davis and the rest of his Syracuse teammates are treating Florida State as just another game on the schedule. No circles on the calendar to look forward to -- just another regular season matchup against another formidable ACC foe.

"Yeah, they're good," he said. "Yeah, they're fast. Yeah, they're athletic. But at the end of the day, we all strap on the pads and put on our helmets the same way. At the end of the day, we're going to play football. You know, we get scholarships, too."

The team will enter Saturday's game as a 39-point underdog. The scripts have been written while the gaggle of analysts, esteemed media and pundits have all come to a consensus: Syracuse stands no chance.

"They have an unbelievable team with unbelievable ability and great coaches and a great offensive line and a great quarterback and great receivers," Davis said. "They have depth at every position. I could go on all day about them."

Davis probably could probably go on all day about Florida State, but he isn't going to. While this week is about getting ready for Florida State from a football standpoint, life goes on: homework needs to be completed, papers to be written and daily conversations with family and friends need to be had.

"We can't get caught up with the hype and how everyone is making this game so big," Davis said. "We know it's going to be a great challenge and it'll let us know where we're at. But we talk all the time about how everything is overrated. I mean, it's just a football game."

Preparation will be the same, maybe a few revisions here and there, a few extra film sessions, but Syracuse will do what it has been doing all season: continue to stay the course and control the controllables.

"It's just like any other team," Davis said about the prep time, "nothing has changed. We have just been building and trying to play at a high level as a team and focus on all three aspects of the ball -- offense, defense and special teams."

Penalties are one thing in particular that Syracuse will need to curtail in order to find success against the Seminoles. The Orange have committed 74 penalties on the season for 619 yards compared to its counterparts (36 penalties for 290 yards).

"We know we can't afford to beat ourselves," Davis said. "As far as execution, everyone needs to do their jobs. We can't afford for somebody not to do their job that costs us a wide receiver down the field or a running back getting however many yards for a touchdown.

"We are just getting our mind right going into this game knowing we are going to have our hands tied with some pretty good football players."

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